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21 Google Doc Features You Should Know How to Use

This week I’m posting a new series of videos covering everything a new Google Workspace user needs to know. The videos will be shown throughout the week on my YouTube channel. I actually teased the series a bit on Friday when I posted two videos detailing twenty-one features of  Docs that all users should know how to use. The two videos were ten Google Docs editing features you should know how to use and ten other  Docs feature you should know how to use. But since I didn’t count correctly, the first video actually covers eleven features. Both videos are embedded below. The list of features covered in the videos is listed directly above them.

Google Docs features


➡Smart dialing and automatic substitution
Personal dictionary
Voice input
Headers and Footers
➡Page orientation and margin settings
Custom spacing
Grids and columns
Special characters
Find and replace
Version history

Prevent unintentional sharing of documents.
➡Publishing or sharing documents.
➡ Added more fonts to Google Docs.
Apply borders to sections of documents.
Apply borders to images
Adding text to images
Creation of dynamic lists
Creating and inserting drawings
Creating and inserting graphics
Using built-in web search.



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