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’90s Arcade-Inspired Beat ’em up Mayhem Brawler Launches August 19

’90s Arcade-Inspired Beat ’em up Mayhem Brawler Launches August 19

How would you like to read an urban-fantasy-themed, deeply narrated comic book while playing video games in the meantime? If your answer is yes, I am happy to tell you; Chaos Brawler is here for those who crave first class nostalgia!

Nostalgic reunion

Chaos Brawler is an urban fantasy themed beat’em up that brings the 90s arcade vibe back to your home. With the comic book style and unique storytelling, it will be a fascinating journey, as you beat bullies and read the issues of Chaos Brawler. You’ll be in command with Trouble, Star, and Dolphin, the three top metahuman agents of Stronghold, the overpowered law enforcement agency.

As you go on patrol to investigate the darkest recesses of Mayhem City, a sequence of events will change the fate of your odyssey. “In the days of an overpowered policeman” was the basic idea when we started to develop Chaos Brawler. Unlike classic beat’em ups where you ‘save the girl, be the hero of the day’, you will work with heart and soul in the name of protecting Mayhem City. The idea of ​​saving the whole neighborhood is more appropriate for a real superhero!

sinister thirty

Another refreshing addition that makes Chaos Brawler to stand out is the enemy variety. Since our Creative Director formed an urban fantasy themed universe, everything has been going well. Lycanthropes with sharp teeth and claws, rich and fearsome vampires, conjuring wizards of guns and knives, the list goes on! We even have “Mejins” who come from another dimension and possess spectral powers. Our servants have an individual appearance so that they also feel unique. Each opponent has specialized traits, abilities, and attack patterns that you need to be careful of. For example, Mejins can launch spectral explosions across the screen. You better stop them before they zone you across the street.

Chaos Brawler

Fate is not a matter of luck; it’s a question of choice

Servants of Chaos Brawler are not the only subject when it comes to originality. Thanks to the gigantic lore written for this project, we created a “choices matter” progression system and completely different levels from each other. The arcs will be represented as comic books, allowing you to choose what problem you are looking for after completing the scene and experience your own story. Each level has its distinct themes, stories, opponents, and bosses that are also tied to your choices and the story.

Over twelve stages, you will complete seven patrols in a single game. Our officers will face three different endings and uncover the dark mysteries of history depending on your choices throughout your patrols. We hope this execution will increase replayability and make the journey unique for players. It is definitely fun to talk about the kind of adventure you have had with your friends and to theorize about the future of this story. The game will also feature co-op couch multiplayer. You can accompany the patrols with your colleagues and help them uncover the mysteries together. One thing to note is that there will be an option to activate “Friendly Fire” in the character selection screen. Yes, you can throw barrels at your coworkers. Great for ruining friendships!

Chaos Brawler

It’s super efficient!

Speaking of barrel throwing, our combat mechanics can feel quite familiar to veteran players. We have our bread and butter jabs, distinctive for each officer. Special defensive and offensive skills to spice up your combos. Dash, Dash Strike and Dash Jump Strike for more mobile engagement. And usable weapons. Currently, these are all known mechanics of classic beat’em ups that have inspired us. But implementing RPG-like “condition effects” was our new take on the genre. Specific moves, abilities, and weapons will leave the target with special condition effects such as Stunned (removes your enemies’ counterattack abilities) and Bleed (your target takes additional damage from attacks) to give you benefits. in combat. Using these effects will help you get better damage potential and complete stages faster, which means you’ll get higher scores when you finish the game. The bigger the better?

End of transmission

Two long years have passed since we started to bring this project to life. Hero Concept has always been a huge fan of comics that told unforgettable stories and timeless classics of arcade games. Merging two subjects that we love together was a dream come true moment for us. We hope you enjoy the Chaos Brawleris a dark but fun story filled with pop culture references, as you reduce bullies to mush. The game will be released tomorrow August 19 for Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

Heroes are created by the path they choose, not by the powers they are endowed with. You can be a hero!

Chaos Brawler

Xbox live

Chaos Brawler

Hero concept



$ 19.99

Mayhem Brawler is an urban fantasy themed beat’em up that brings the arcade vibe of the 90s back to the present day. With comic book-style illustrations and stunning soundtracks, it offers a unique experience that you can tackle solo or co-op with friends while setting the next step in the story with your choices. TO PROTECT AND SERVE While answering a routine call while on patrol, Dolphin, Star and Trouble – the most popular officers of the powerful law enforcement agency, Stronghold – find themselves in a sequence of events which will change the fate of the whole city. EXCESSIVE FORCE Let’s get one thing straight; If you ever think a day in the life of an overpowered cop is easy, you couldn’t go more wrong, as there are bigger threats than street gangs in urban fantasy-themed Mayhem Brawler. . Using your arsenal of combos and special abilities, you and your co-op teammates should make life miserable for these overpowered criminals, defend yourself from the fury of the werewolves, resist the curses of street wizards, and take on the ruled mega-corporation. by vampire houses who force their henchmen to do their dirty deeds. THE MAYHEM UNIVERSE Hand drawn comic-inspired backgrounds and stop-motion animation coupled with a stunning soundtrack will deliver an adrenaline rush to your controller. With the choices you make, you’ll shape the flow of the story and finally reach one of three different endings in the Mayhem Brawler universe, where every corner has a story to tell.




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