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A Neat Way for Students to See What They’re Computers Are Connecting To

Knowing a few commands to use in the control terminal can be very helpful in diagnosing problems with your computer and / or the network your computer is using. (As an added bonus, it’s an easy way to pass yourself off as a “super-tech” in front of non-tech friends). One of these useful commands is the Netstat command.

The Netstat command will show you all the connections your computer makes to the Internet and to other devices on your local network. To run the Netstat command, just open your command terminal (on a Windows, just type CMD in the search bar), then type “netstat” (without the quotes) and hit Enter. Give it time to run and you’ll see all the IP addresses your computer connects to.

This new video from PowerCert explains the Netstat command and the variations you can add to the command to learn even more about what your computer connects to.


Applications for education

The netstat command along with many other commands is what my PC repair students and introductory networking students learn at the start of the year because they are useful in diagnosing problems.

Using the netstat command can be useful to show all students how many connections their computers are making even if they don’t realize it. Knowing what your computer is connecting to is an important part of developing good cybersecurity habits. So even if you don’t teach your students the command, knowing the command and showing it to the students can open their eyes.

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