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Add PhET Simulations to Your PowerPoint Slides

Add PhET Simulations to Your PowerPoint Slides

PhET is a free resource that has been popular with science and math teachers for many years. PhET offers free interactive math and science simulations covering topics in physics, chemistry, biology, earth sciences and mathematics. In the PhET library you will find simulations suitable for elementary, middle, high school and university students. PhET even offers a search tool that will help you find lesson ideas based on the free simulations. Dozens of PhET simulations can be inserted into PowerPoint presentations through the use of PhET’s free PowerPoint add-in. With the add-in installed, you can browse through the available simulations and insert them into your slides. The simulations work in your slide just like they do on the PhET website.


Applications for education
The PhET PowerPoint add-in can save you time if you plan to use multiple simulations during a lesson. Rather than clicking menus or clicking bookmarks to view the correct simulation, you can simply create a slideshow in which your PhET simulations are organized in the order you plan to use them during your lesson.




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