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AEW heel Max Caster goes all-in on misogyny in AEW Dark rap

The Acclaimed tag team's Max Caster (right) performs at AEW Dark.

The Acclaimed tag team’s Max Caster (right) performs at AEW Dark.
Screenshot: AEW

We all know heels need warmth. And I get it, AEW is meant to be the alternative to WWE for “real” wrestling fans, those who yearn for a return to the Attitude Era, rated TV-14 era. But there are a bunch of fans (read: women) who don’t want to to return to the era of attitude, a time when women were too often objectified and used for cheap heat (bra and panty matches, do you mind?).

On airing of AEW Dark last night, wrestler Max Caster reminded all of us exactly how far wrestling has gone but, in another, more specific way, how far professional wrestling has yet to go, even in a company that has praised and promoted its women’s division as more inclusive than any other.

Caster, who raps regularly as part of his character with tag team The Acclaimed, probably thought saying this on the mic was a good idea:

“Listen, the acclaimed kick for Miles

Make you claim sanity like Simone Biles

The Sydels will pay the price

I’ma treat these bitches like Duke LaCrosse

Blondes say they’re the best

But these guys are fake than a PCR test

And what’s that smell here in North Carolina?

Oh wait, it’s Julia’s… (microphone removed) ”

I know, it’s hard to believe. Hhere is the video:

For reference, “Julia” refers to Julia Hart, a 19-year-old wrestler who teamed up with the Varsity Blondes. Caster is 32 years old.

Apart from this rap which is not even very good (Simone Biles did not “claim” mental health, mental health is something everyone has – ‘bad’ sanity would have been more precise), Caster was able to disparage Biles, refer to a gang rape case, become completely anti-vaxxer and to glide the genitals of a 19-year-old colleague.

This is the first company to have an openly trans wrestler in Nyla Rose.

For now, Caster remains on AEW’s list and we have no idea how involved AEW has been in this script. And AEW did not respond to Deadspin’s request for comment.




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