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Black box recovered from crash site of Philippines military plane | Military News

Flight data recovered for the C-130 transport plane crashed on Jolo Island after missing the runway, killing 52 people.

Philippine authorities recovered a black box from an Air Force plane that crashed over the weekend, killing more than 50 people, military chief Cirilito Sobejana told the agency on Tuesday. Reuters press release.

The pilot-in-command, who had several years of experience flying a C-130 plane, was among those who died in the crash on Jolo Island, Sobejana said by phone.

The military chief said a black box was recovered on Monday and should allow investigators to eavesdrop on pilots and crew conversations before the plane crashes.

“I spoke to the survivors and they told me the plane had bounced two to three times and zigzagged. The pilot tried to regain power because he wanted to lift the aircraft, but it was too late. The right wing hit a tree, ”he said.

Sobejana said no one jumped from the plane before it crashed. There had been previous accounts that some passengers tried to get to safety before the plane hit the ground.

He said the front of the plane was cut off and some of the soldiers used the opening to escape. But those who were unconscious couldn’t get out and the plane caught fire.

The Lockheed C-130 transport plane was carrying troops bound for counterinsurgency operations in the southern Philippines when it crashed with 96 people on board.

The death toll rose to 52 on Monday, including three civilians on the ground, after two of the 49 soldiers injured in the crash died of their wounds, the defense ministry said.

Military spokesman Edgard Arevalo said the aircraft was in “very good condition” and had 11,000 flight hours left before the next maintenance.




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