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Black Myth: WuKong Receives Impressive Trailer Featuring Unreal Engine 5 & DLSS Gameplay

Black Myth, Wukong, Unreal Engine 5, DLSS gameplay

DDeveloper Game Science has released a new trailer showing Black Myth Wukong graphics created with Unreal Engine 5 with DLSS gameplay.

Black Myth: Wukong receives impressive trailer with Unreal Engine 5 and DLSS gameplay

The latest trailer for the upcoming Black Myth: Wukong, the Chinese Myth-Inspired Action-RPG, shows off some awesome gameplay that uses Unreal Engine 5. Details also show that the gameplay is running on an Nvidia RTX card with DLSS enabled. .

Black Myth Wukong Gameplay 01 Black Myth: WuKong Receives Impressive Trailer Featuring Unreal Engine 5 & DLSS Gameplay

The video features both gameplay and cutscenes that are recorded at 4K resolution and 60 FPS in real time. The video of just under thirteen minutes highlights the martial arts movement and the fantasy of the Chinese myth of the mischievous Wukong. There are also a number of enemies, from a mystical dragon to a giant rolling-head boss. The game appears to have a number of environments, including snowy regions for you to explore.

In case you missed it Black Myth: Wukong is a project developed by a Chinese developer Game Science Studio, an Action-RPG based on the myth of the chaotic Monkey King. There are a lot of legendary characters in this tale, and it looks like a lot will be seen in this upcoming game.

Previously, the studio had revealed pre-alpha scene footage showing impressive combat actions, mixing tough fights with the mythical abilities that Wukong possesses. The title should arrive on PC and consoles, but has no release date as of yet.

Black myth: Wukong is currently in development, arriving on PC and consoles as well as cloud platforms.

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