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Braves pitcher Luke Jackson has priceless reaction to substances change


MLB has revealed plans to completely change its policy on foreign substances, and Luke Jackson took to Twitter to share a hilarious response.

MLB commissioner Rob Manfred just dropped a bomb on baseball as we know it. On Tuesday, the league revealed major changes to the foreign substance policy, which will include players ejected and suspended for 10 games if they are caught cheating, according to ESPN‘s Jeff Passan.

As you might have guessed, countless gamers have taken to social media to express their displeasure. The list includes Atlanta Braves pitcher Luke Jackson, whose reaction is sure to get you laughing.

Luke Jackson not very happy with upcoming MLB changes for pitchers

Jackson has gone the comedic route with his response to the changes and we’re glad he did. In case you missed it, rosin bags will be allowed for pitchers, but they are not allowed to be mixed with sunscreen. This is what attracted Jackson’s tweet. Additionally, by Passan, players have been advised that they should not use sunscreen after sunset in outdoor stadiums, while the use of sunscreen in indoor parks will not be permitted. OK so.

MLB is clearly doing everything it can to try and crack down on pitchers using banned substances, but a lot of people feel like they are crossing the line here with this new call. American League and National League pitchers seem to agree.

Imagine if a player is kicked out for using sunscreen? Social networks would collapse. In addition, a player would be suspended for 10 games, with pay? We’ll see how that plays out, but the first indication is that countless pitchers are more than frustrated with Manfred’s controversial latest move.




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