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Breaking down the character classes of Chivalry 2, out tomorrow – PlayStation.Blog

Huzzah! The era of Chivalry 2 has finally arrived!

The teams at Torn Banner Studios and our publisher Tripwire Presents are extremely excited to bring our multiplayer melee combat game to PS4 and PS5. Considerable work has gone into making this game one of the most fun, cinematic and (of course) brutal multiplayer experiences of all time, and we can’t wait for everyone to get their hands on the full version of the game. !

What kind of gamer are you? Do you prefer a support role? More in risk / reward type constructions? Are you more interested in ranged combat versus melee combat? In Chivalry 2 there are so many character classes and subclasses to choose from that there is bound to be a version you like. So, in anticipation of the game’s full release, we’ve broken down each class to further help you decide how you want to experience the 64-player medieval madness of Chivalry 2.


Health: 100 | Movement speed: 100 | Endurance: 60

With a fun mix of ranged weapons ranging from crossbows to disposable javelins, archers are the class of choice for anyone who wants to do ranged damage. With a special that charges faster with successful headshots, the Archer class is designed to reward particularly deadly players, but they also have significantly lower health than the other three classes in the game. only a limited number of archers allowed per team, so be sure to find a spot quickly!

  • Sub-classes: Crossbowman, Crossbowman, Skirmishers
  • Special abilities: Brazier (light arrows on fire), Banner (heal allies), Quiver (restock ammo)


Health: 175 | Movement speed: 80 | Endurance: 80

With the Knight’s larger health pool, this is the first choice for newbies embarking on Chivalry 2 for the first time. The Knight’s arsenal is also very balanced with subclasses that allow for a wide range of options to try out, like the shield-wielding guardian or the high damage crusader. Before opting for a slightly more specialized class, try the Knight for a taste of all that the others have to offer. In the worst case scenario, you will probably die a bit slower.

  • Sub-classes: Officer, Guardian, Crusader
  • Special abilities: Jar of Oil (disposable fire), Trumpet (heals allies), Banner (heals allies)


Health: 150 | Movement speed: 100 | Endurance: 80

The Footman is a good jack-of-all-trades, and also Chivalry 2’s answer for a “support” type class. Thus, players of this class are equipped with items and abilities that promote defense and combat strategy. Bandage Kits are the special ability of each of the three Footman’s subclasses and can be deployed to help your teammates restock bandages and heal themselves. Infantrymen also benefit from increased movement speed compared to knights and a unique arsenal that includes long two-handed weapons with the greatest range (halberds, spears, polearms, etc.). In addition, the infantryman is able to place traps and barricades to reverse the strategic trend. combat and direct enemies elsewhere.

  • Sub-classes: Poleman, gunman, field engineer
  • Special Ability: Bandage kit (heal allies)


Health: 130 | Movement speed: 120 | Endurance: 100

For the Vanguard class, it’s all about damage! With the lowest health pool of any class, playing as the Vanguard is the ultimate risk / reward class. If you’re a dedicated warrior with a deep passion for wielding the sword, Vanguard’s arsenal of high damage weapons is the perfect match for you! Plus, the Raider subclass even lets you carry two primary weapons, allowing for even more creative approaches to combat. All of this high damage comes at the cost of increased vulnerability to ranged attacks, as Vanguards don’t get shields!

  • Sub-classes: Brute, Raider, Ambush
  • Special abilities: Trumpet (heal allies), Quiver (replenish ammo), Oil pot (start fire)

Hope you enjoyed this quick rundown of all the loading options available to you when you start Chivalry 2. See you on the battlefield! For the glory!

Chivalry 2 launches worldwide on PS4 and PS5 tomorrow and supports cross-play functionality on PC and console.



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