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Buffalo Bills star Stefon Diggs doesn’t need a great No. 2 receiver to excel

Stefon Diggs is a one-man show in Buffalo, and that's good.

Stefon Diggs is a one-man show in Buffalo, and that’s good.
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Stefon Diggs doesn’t need a big number 2 for Buffalo’s offense to shine. Even with John Brown out for almost half of the 2020 season, Diggs still managed to break through in his freshman year with Buffalo – leading the league with 127 receptions and 1,530 yards and setting new career highs in catch rates. (76.5%) and in receptions. per game (7.9) as well. Now Brown has officially gone to Buffalo, and nothing should change.

After a season and a half of best footballer of his career, Brown was released by the Bills, opening up $ 8 million of ceiling space. In place of Brown comes Emmanuel Sanders. While Sanders has shown that he can still be a valuable tool in the passing game and mentor for young receivers, he will not be able to replace Brown. Several reports indicate that the Bills have great confidence in their young receiver Davis, and that Sanders, 33, despite signing a $ 6 million contract during the offseason – could even overtake Davis during the season.

That’s all well and good, but what if Davis doesn’t turn out the way the Bills hope? Sanders can surely step in, but he won’t be a serious outside threat that takes Diggs’s attention away. There is always Cole Beasley (82 catches, 967 yards), but a slots catcher with a great year under his belt after eight average seasons has to prove a little more before I, and many other football fans, are sold on him. Not to mention the fact that he could miss games this season with COVID complications if he stayed not vaccinated. The uncertainty surrounding Buffalo’s No. 2, 3, and 4 receivers has left many members of the Bills Mafia questioning whether or not the team should go out and add another strong receiving threat – someone even better than John Brown.

Zach Ertz is a name that has been tossed around a few times.

Before signing with the Baltimore Ravens, Sammy Watkins the rumor was (although Watkins said it was unlikely) to return to Buffalo. While Odell Beckham Jr. rumors never seriously circulated in Buffalo’s hot stove, several writers and analysts believed OBJ would be a great fit alongside Diggs and Allen. But would adding a big name really help the Bills? Probably not. In fact, it could hurt the team in the long run.

Diggs said he wants a lot of attention in his team’s attack. The fact that Minnesota was too involved in football management played a big role in the commercial demand of the star catcher. If Diggs is to end up sharing the limelight with another strong receiving option, those frustrations Diggs had at Minnesota could start to reappear again if the Bills start losing a few games in a row.

Diggs is undoubtedly a phenomenal talent, but his meteoric rise in production in his first year at Buffalo can largely be attributed to Josh Allen. With Josh Allen at center, the Buffalo Bills have seen three different receivers produce career best seasons: Brown, Beasley and Diggs. Where Buffalo was once a place where receivers would die, it now appears to be where receivers are going to thrive. A receiver like Odell Beckham Jr. could be extremely helpful and see a huge career resurgence in Sean McDermott’s system, but it would also mean Diggs would see fewer targets – something he voiced. frustration about in the past.

Diggs showed the potential to be the game’s top receiver in Buffalo. While grabbing another huge threat to team up in front of him seems like an incredible plan, it could actually hamper Diggs’ impact. It may not sound worrisome, but if the Bills underperform in 2022 (which is semi-likely given they have two much improved games against the Dolphins, as well as clashes with Pittsburgh, Tennessee, Kansas City, La New Orleans, and Tampa Bay), Diggs’ old frustrations could start to bubble up again and cause friction in the Buffalo locker room.

I love Diggs, but he’s meant to be showcased. His skill set is best suited for an offense where he is the undisputed best option. Maybe Zimmer has vastly underused his star receiver in Minnesota. It is certainly a huge possibility. As long as Buffalo doesn’t follow in the same footsteps as Zimmer, you should be fine. The team’s offense is excellent as is. Don’t look for someone to share the limelight with your best guy.




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