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Capital One Quicksilver Review

$ 200 cash bonus – New cardholders can earn a bonus of $ 200 once $ 500 is spent on the card; this must be done within three months of opening the account. This amount has been increased from a lower amount, and we don’t know how long that will last… so if you’re interested, don’t wait! Apply todaystyle = “text-decoration: underline”>.

1.5% unlimited cash back – This offer is a “what you see is what you get” cash back card. Every new purchase made with the card, regardless of the amount or product / service category, earns 1.5% cash back.

$ 0 annual fee – Capital One Quicksilver Cash Rewards credit card gives cardholders a nice break from paying annual fees.

0% introductory APR for purchases – New purchases are interest free for the first 15 months with this card.

No foreign transaction fees – Travelers enjoy a pleasant break with this benefit. Foreign transaction fees are irritating, but still common, fees that cost the cardholder a small percentage (usually around 3%) of every purchase made abroad.

Cash back never expires – The clock never ticks when it comes to cash back rewards, as they are valid for reimbursement as long as the customer keeps their account.

No minimum repayment – Another practical and low maintenance aspect of the card is that cash back can be used whenever the card holder wishes.



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