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Cardi B Responds To Backlash After Sharing Her Hair Growth Online

Cardi B is no stranger to spreading her beauty secrets to the world by showing that she keeps her hair healthy. In the past, she’s shared her infamous hair mask, and earlier today she showed off more of her healthy hair journey. Cardi took to Twitter to show off her hair growth after the birth of her son. The GRAMMY Award-winning rapper took a photo showing off her long inches on Twitter, explaining how she was consistent with her hair mask routine and drank alkaline water.

Although Cardi’s post may have been used to motivate some, not everyone liked her post and called her out for having good hair because she is “mixed.” Cardi didn’t feel the negativity and posted an Instagram post in response to the backlash. Sharing photos and videos of her hair over the years and in its current condition, the Bronx native wrote: “Why every time I post my natural hair I hear ‘you’re MIXED, you’re supposed to have long hair ? This is not true and very misleading. I’ve been posting photos of my hair journey for years, and being mixed up doesn’t mean your hair is always long and curly. It was not my case.

The rapper went on to explain that since she was a child she had a hard time managing her hair, and a few years ago she found different methods that worked for her and helped her achieve her hair length. current. As she continued, she explained how the company tries to trick people into believing that their hair won’t grow that long, which she said was not true. Cardi also explained the difference between the natural hair products available and the access to learning natural hair on YouTube and TikTok to take better care of natural hair.

As the conversation about her hair mask and hair continued online, the “WAP” rapper applauded a Twitter user for negative comments. Roomies, what do you think of Cardi’s position on the hair?

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