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Two Cool New Presentation Creation Options in Canva

Last year, Canva introduced a new feature that lets you record video of your Canva slideshow presentations. Since then, many people have asked if there is a way to record audio only to accompany a slideshow presentation. Yes now is the answer to this question. One of the new features recently added to Canva allows you to record audio without recording video. To do this, simply disable access to your webcam when Canva asks for it and you will be able to record audio without video.

Another new feature recently added to Canva lets you record video with your webcam and insert that video into any Canva design, including social media presentations and graphics. In my limited testing of these features, it looks like you can overlay video over background images and adjust the transparency of your video itself. To record a video with your webcam in Canva, simply go to the “downloads” section in the Canva design editor, then click the “record” button. See my screenshot below for where to find the video recorder in Canva.

record%2Bvideos%2Bin%2Bcanva Two Cool New Presentation Creation Options in Canva


Applications for education

The option of recording audio without video could make Canva a good tool that students can use to create narrated slideshows without having to use a video editing tool like iMovie or WeVideo. The new option to record webcam video in Canva could be useful for adding personal messages to graphics such as digital greeting cards or slides to provide explanation of tables and graphics.



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