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Dave Rennie clarifies Andrew Kellaway’s All Blacks ‘losing their aura’ comments

Wallabies coach Dave Rennie made four changes to his side which lost 33-25 to the All Blacks at Eden Park in Game 1.

The Wallabies will once again host Marika Koroibete, absent from Game 1 after being suspended for breaking a team’s curfew with a now infamous drinking session.

Rennie was asked a lot about Koroibete during Thursday’s press conference and he praised the winger.

“Yes (it was an easy decision – to bring him back). He was one of our best players. It’s been a tough week, but he’s jumping out of his skin, ”said Rennie.

“He’s not a big talker. He will talk about his actions over the weekend. He certainly knows he let himself down and the team.

“He’s very excited. It was broken down on Saturday. It was a difficult watch for him. He trained superbly.

“He’s up to the elite rugby players around the world. Incredibly fast, very physical. He’s not a big man but he’s made of concrete so he hits hard and he carries hard. Phenomenal work ethic and work rate. His ability to come back from the opposite point of view – his numbers are outrageous. This gives us a point of difference with his return “

The other big decision and topic of discussion was to bring back Lachie Swinton.

“We chose Lachie for a reason,” said Rennie.

“He has a reputation for being reckless, but that’s far from being the case. He received a red card against the All Blacks in Brisbane. The next red card he received was crushed so it is no longer on his record and the other red card he received was punches in a club match which is quite common for the attackers. We have no problem (with his discipline).

“What we do know is we have to go for 80 minutes – physically and be able to face them and with Swinno (Lachie Swinton) and with Matt coming in, we think it gives us more of an edge.”

Other highlights from Wednesday’s press conference included roster refereeing, the All Blacks’ aura and what they expect from the opposition.

(Photo by Anthony Au-Yeung / Getty Images)

On the comments of the All Blacks of Andrew Kellaway “losing their aura”

“He didn’t say that. What he’s saying is there’s a bit of aura around the All Blacks and he’s never experienced that before because he’s never played against them. For him, it was like stepping into the unknown. He’s played them once now, so now he knows what to expect. You know, old journalists are good enough at squeezing four words out of a massive statement and putting on a headline.

“I assure you we have a lot of respect for the All Blacks. We are not afraid of them though and it will be important again on Saturday night. “

Having Nic White on the bench

“He’s ready to go. We have very good depth at 9. Jake Gordon is unlucky. We continue to reward Tate (McDermott) for doing everything we asked him to do and he’s growing to that level. We even have Ryan Lonergan in the background.

Lineout’s woes

“The alignment was excellent against France. We will ask for a little space between the two alignments. We are confident that we can do it. After the first three or four lineups, it was pretty neat. You can’t give up soft possession against the All Blacks.

“They (the referee / TMO) penalized their first and then forgot the rest. These were pretty clear footage that Paul Williams agreed with, so I guess it will be better watched this week.

The All Blacks historically stepped up in Game 2

“The story around Eden Park and all the talk about it. The All Blacks don’t play well in their first test but I mean it’s their fourth test right? So I think neither team played well in the first 20 minutes. We had the opportunity to take the lead and we just couldn’t start our roster.

“The All Blacks are sharp defensively. They closed the space and were all over us. We had a discussion to arbitrate on this first, but we have to seize the opportunities. As I mentioned, they are too good to play under 80 minutes.

Noah Lolesio kicks the ball in the Bledisloe Cup.

(Photo by Anthony Au-Yeung / Getty Images)

On Noah Lolesio’s bad kicks in Game 1

“He was disappointed because he was kicking really well and struggling in that breeze like Richie (Mo’unga), but he’s a young man and he’s learning and he gets another crack this weekend. end. “

Matt To’omua back in midfield

“We thought he was pretty good on the bench. He has enormous experience. His voice is really crucial and we thought it was important to put him among a few young full-backs. “



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