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Did Jose Berrios get traded by the Twins?

Did Jose Berrios get traded by the Twins?

One of the biggest names in the trading block was Jose Berrios of the Minnesota Twins.

With the 2021 MLB trade deadline upon us, top players like Minnesota Twins right-hander Jose Berrios had to be on the move.

Although not available until 2023 with one more year of officiating eligibility, the Twins managed to hand their ace to the Toronto Blue Jays hours before Friday afternoon’s deadline. Minnesota managed to land shortstop / center fielder Austin Martin and right-hander Simeon Woods-Richardson for essentially a year and a half of Berrios’ service.

While the Blue Jays improved their rotation, the Twins got a good comeback for Berrios in July.

MLB Trade Rumors: Did Minnesota Twins Trade RHP Jose Berrios?

It has been nothing short of a frustrating season for the Twins. Minnesota was a playoff team only a year ago, but in a wider field. By parting ways with Berrios perhaps a year earlier than expected, it may mean this team could be heading for a rebuild. If the Twins only sell high on their best players, they could be ready for a rebound season.

Yes, the Twins were able to find a business partner in the Blue Jays for the double All-Star pitcher.



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