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Dwyane Wade on His New Photo Memoir and Life After Basketball

How did you first meet Bob?

Realizing that life goes by quickly, the NBA years go by so quickly, I remember talking to my business manager Lisa Joseph back then, and I was like, “Man, I really need someone to be around us and travel with us and capture moments.” Well, there you go, she ended up dating a man who had brought a camera with him one day, and she was like, “Hey, how about you take pictures?” We were traveling and he just started taking pictures. And he took this picture of me, it’s in the book, I’m on a plane with a BlackBerry in my hand. And I really loved this moment, I really loved this photo. And I was just like, “Fro, can you do more for me?”

From your 2003 draft class, Carmelo Anthony just had a memory is released, and LeBron James is nearing the end of his career. How much did it feel like the end of an era?

We have LeBron and Carmelo keeping it going. That’s all we have left. Everyone takes the next step in life. Lots of memories coming out; Chris Bosh recently had a book who went out. We are all on this next phase of life. It’s great that you can be in a place where you can put your ideas, expressions, and thoughts on paper and put them into book form because they are your own words. My whole life has been someone else’s words. Journalists can write our story all the time. This is why social media is so important because now people can control their own story. It is what it is. Memories just control your own stories, tell your own stories, from your own perspective to your base, to your fans.

Did those kinds of conversations about wanting to tell your own stories happen between players while you were in the league?

For me, I think once I started with Bob following me around, once people got over the idea that it wasn’t Hollywood – people said, “Aw, you have film crews following you is Hollywood ”- once people got past that idea that it wasn’t Hollywood, and I was like guys,“ Hey, this is what I do, I am not the only one doing this, of course, but that’s what I do. ” You see more guys being open to capturing moments, because you see how fast it’s going. As long as LeBron has been able to play, as long as he can play, it still ends one day. And you’re gonna want to have those moments. So I have certainly seen players open up more to this. Bob has been very busy for a while.

By Bob Metelus.




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