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Elden Ring Gets New Info Section on Bandai Covering The Tarnished, Stealth and Gameplay Mechanics

Bandai Namco updated the details of the official Elden Ring page, which says more about Tarnished lands between and more about Stealth.

Elden Ring Gets New Bandai Info Section Covering Tarnished, Stealth, And Gameplay Mechanics

Bandai Namco updated the Elden Ring page with more details on the upcoming title. Two new sections have been added that feature details on the Tarnished of Intermediate Lands, lore, game mechanics and more on stealth. These details were also recently discussed in an interview with Hidetaka Miyazaki early last month, but have now been added to the official game page along with other information on the game mechanics.

Elden Ring

A new information section for Elden Ring on the Bandai Namco website covers the Tarnishes as well as the lore behind the Lands between.

The new section covers the Lands Between, which is the setting for Elden Ring, ruled by demigods who each possess fragments of the Shattered Elden Ring. The information adds further information on the lore which mentions “hills” which undoubtedly refer to the open world or locations of Elden Ring, and other descriptors of this mystical land. We can expect “mythical creatures” as well as “itinerant soldiers and warriors”.

Elden Ring Gameplay Mechanics Info Elden Ring Gets New Info Section on Bandai Covering The Tarnished, Stealth and Gameplay Mechanics

The second section reviews the game mechanics that include Stealth. Players will be able to customize their character, try out “dozens of skills” and use the art of stealth to sneak up on enemies. There are a few details about using “weather and time of day” that will play a role in getting the upper hand over enemies. The night and day system has been the subject of rumors in the forums before, but that makes it all official. It also mentions the ability to summon spirits to aid you, such as mastering “arcane magic”.

Previously, Miyazaki went through the concepts mentioned in this info section, but it’s great to see that these mechanics are all officially on the website.

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Ancient ring will be released on January 21, 2022.

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