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Emotional Danes’ unique mindset has them primed for England upset

Former Denmark goalkeeper Thomas Sorensen, an expert panelist for Euro coverage by Optus Sport, gives an overview of the Denmark-England semi-final unique for The roar.

Much has been said about the special circumstances surrounding Denmark’s progress at this point, and while it has been a combination of several things, we must not forget that they have a good squad, and it is not a stroke of luck. luck.

I didn’t call them up for the semi-finals, but Denmark was my wild card as they have a close unit and big league players across Europe.

It was the highest in the tournament, having convincingly won their recent three World Cup qualifiers, and then the all-time low with the Christian Eriksen incident.

England with  unique mindset

Turning the situation around and qualifying after two losses, although they played very well in both, showed where the team stands.

There is no doubt that they come into this game against England with a unique mindset which makes it difficult to predict a result.

They’re bursting with emotion, but they’ve also come together as a team in ways you wouldn’t normally see.

They would have seen their teammates in vulnerable situations. They would have seen them cry and everyone with their feelings laid bare.

I have been in a football environment. It can be macho. People don’t always want to show their true emotions.

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After showing this vulnerability, being in the dumpsites brought them closer together. Running those extra yards, helping their teammates, that added another layer to this team’s high expectations in Denmark.

In general I think people thought if we made it to the quarterfinals it would be a great tournament. Obviously now another step is fantastic.

And it’s not like we’re done and dusted off. I think they have a realistic chance of pushing England all the way.
My emotions are nothing like what the players went through but I’m Christian’s friend, and I was his roommate when he entered the national team.

Because I played for Denmark I had access to tickets and some of my best friends used them for that opener and sent me pictures when they were in Copenhagen drinking beers with thousands of fans before the game.

Then to achieve that surreal state during the game against Finland where he stopped and everyone felt ‘what’s going on here? “. It was probably one of the worst feelings I have ever had. I’m glad I wasn’t there in the stadium – that would have been awful.

Then to have positive news that it’s good and that we can try to move on and then to see the team react in a positive way… They were one of the most convincing teams even though they have lost the first two games. It was a great story and a great turnaround.

And we forget that if the worst case scenario had happened and he did not get out of it, would we have even finished the Euro? They probably should have canceled it.

(Photo by Vincent Mignott / DeFodi Images via Getty Images)

I see this game as a 70-30 in favor of England. They play at home, they look solid and well organized, have a lot of pace at the back and now Harry Kane has started scoring and Raheem Sterling is playing so well.

Denmark, however, has performed well against them over the past eight years. In November, they won at Wembley after Harry Maguire’s expulsion.

And Denmark has good players in the squad. Kaspar Schmeichel is a high-level goalkeeper, the defense is solid and they will create chances.

Trying their luck has been a weakness in the past – they’ve had 22 shots to one against Finland and lost – but Kaspar Dolberg now has three goals and seems to be playing with confidence.

England gives nothing. If you looked back a few years back they still looked a little shaky in the back. Jordan Pickford has always been seen as a handicap, but he also looked solid. The defense was supposed to be their weakness, but they haven’t conceded a goal in their five games – unique that’s what makes me lean in favor of England.

Honestly, I wasn’t too impressed with what England produced in terms of attacking, but there are times when they create something from nothing.

The game against Ukraine was probably the most impressive they have played. Even watching the game against Germany, they could have lost that. If Germany had been a little sharper, if Thomas Muller had scored head-to-head… it was tight.

As a Dane what worries me the most, with Kane starting to shoot, is the options and the depth they have.

Even though Denmark has a 1-0 lead, England unique has so many new players to turn to who are at the top level. Denmark have good players on the bench but they don’t have world class players on the bench while England probably have them for every position.

Gareth Southgate did a lot of tinkering with his starting teams and I initially criticized this approach. I always think that’s a force when you have a stable team, so it’s kinda weird to me that Jack Grealish comes in, changes a game and then doesn’t play, then Jadon Sancho comes in without playing.

But when you win, there is no argument.

I’m still not sure about Southgate. Tactically, I’m not always on the same page as him, but I think what he did was handle it well. This is the credit I can give him. He’s always calm, always seems to be in control.

The players get along well with him and they have a very good relationship with him. This has been a problem for England  unique in the past, they went off the rails. He kept them grounded, kept them focused.

They have a lot of young players, a lot of talent and players who are big names who haven’t played as much as they would have liked. And yet, you haven’t heard anything negative coming out of the camp.

Everyone seems to be on the same page. It’s a credit to the manager because sometimes you have a lot of ego out there, things can get out of the way of the press. But winning makes it easier for everyone to join.

This is their time. They have a good team, they play at home and they have the support.

If England unique has a chance to win anything, it must be now.

You can catch the England vs Denmark game at 5am Thursday on Optus Sport.



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