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Fact or Fiction: Five-star Jacoby Mathews will end up back with LSU

Fact or Fiction: Five-star Jacoby Mathews will end up back with LSU

National Director of Recruitment Rivals Adam gorney and national recruitment analyst Sam spiegelman in the same way Andrew Bone from and Michael langston from discuss three recruiting or ranking topics and determine if they believe each statement.

1. LSU and Texas A&M are Jacoby Mathews favorites, but he’s likely to return to where it all began – with the Tigers.

Jacoby Mathews (Nick Lucero /

Gorney’s point of view: MADE. I want to think Texas A&M has a real hit because Jacoby Mathews has shown so much interest in the program, has visited several times already and plans to come back this fall, but history is not on anyone’s side as far as concerns the # 1 players in the state of Louisiana. Ten years ago, Landon Collins chose Alabama over LSU, the state’s latest top-ranked prospect to move elsewhere. There is no guarantee Mathews will finish No.1 in the State, but he is there now and LSU has a lot of history on his side.

Spiegelman’s point of view: MADE. Since Ed Orgeron took over at LSU, he was able to keep the top players in the state, especially when it comes to the No. 1 in the state. Texas A&M has a star-studded recruiting class and Mathews has a lot of close connections with these players and he’s been to College Station twice and will likely come back before he makes up his mind. Jimbo Fisher coached Derwin James and his track record caught Mathews’ attention. I would also expect Alabama, Texas, and Oklahoma to make Mathews a run, but with so many ties to LSU – including coaches, current pledges and roster players – the Tigers will stay on. in a favorable position.




2. Jaleel Skinner has set his engagement date. Alabama should be seen as the leader.

Jaleel skinner
Jaleel Skinner (Nick Lucero /

Gorney’s point of view: FICTION. There was a lot of talk in Alabama for a while with Jaleel Skinner, but I guess the four-star ends up elsewhere – and the state of Florida could be one of the landing points. Miami is here and I wouldn’t be surprised if more teams start delving a lot more ahead of his decision in October. Skinner is arguably the most handsome tight end of this class, long, lanky and athletic, which could intrigue many coaches in the months to come. He visited the state of Florida and spent a lot of time there this summer and joining this exceptional recruiting class would be huge for the Seminoles.

The bone point of view: FICTION. I don’t believe Skinner will be joining the Tide. Alabama has at least one pure and tight entry in Elijah Brown. The Crimson Tides hold Brown in the highest regard and consider him one of the best tight ends in the country. Alabama also added an elite athlete to Amari Niblack who was completely dominant in the seven-on-seven camp circuit. The best college football team in the country is in great shape in this position, which can be good. bodes well for other schools like Florida State or Miami. Skinner is expected, for now, to land elsewhere.



3. It is the class of the State of Florida that will revive the Seminoles to national notoriety.

Travis Hunter
Travis Hunter (Nick Lucero /

Gorney’s point of view: MADE. It seems like a long time, but only a few years ago Florida State was a national contender and won double-digit games almost every season. It’s been a serious drought lately, however, and while coach Mike Norvell seems to be taking a turn, I’m still going to be reluctant to say that it’s a FACT about it. The 2017 class had four five stars and three more on the verge of five stars and this group was largely disappointing in Tallahassee. I have no doubt that Travis Hunter can be a huge addition to Florida State on both sides of the ball and that Sam McCall and others can be major contributors. More than anything, there’s a feeling about FSU that the best guys want to play it again, there’s a pride in the program that hasn’t been around for the past few years and this class could be a major contributor. on the way back from the Seminoles. The proof will be on the pitch, however, after FSU had its worst winning percentage last season since the mid-1970s.

Langston’s point of view: MADE. It is definitely the class you surround that helps FSU take this next step. The ‘Noles have got off to a scorching start and while they still need to sign off on these prospects, there is no doubt that this FSU staff and program has generated an excitement that we have not seen in a long time and you can see that these commitments adhere to the product, the culture at FSU and what the future is going to be with the right additions to this class.

Honestly you could say last year’s course was the start of it and even sharper you could tell the transfer portal additions and how detailed FSU was in adding the right parts that started. But this class has a national brand feel so far and you see which direction that is going for the state of Florida going forward. The way rookies talk about FSU is very different. But with this one, there’s a lot more consistency with the type of high ranking leads they recruit and land. The fact that FSU has the nation’s No. 1 rookie coming up in Travis Hunter speaks volumes. But it’s not just him. A high priority is the work they have done with the OL post, a post USF has struggled to recruit at a high level. This is probably the best OL class they’ve recruited that I can remember from the cover of ‘Noles.

The beginning is there. Now FSU will have to show growth on the pitch to maintain that and even land a few more coins but momentum. The conviction and vision are clearly there to put FSU back on the map as a national brand. It is now a question of showing this product in the field.





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