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Fact or Fiction: It will be a shock if Branson Robinson does not pick UGA

Fact or Fiction: It will be a shock if Branson Robinson does not pick UGA

National Director of Recruitment Rivals Adam Gorney, Blayne Gilmer from UGASports.com, Paul Strelow from TigerIllustrated.com and Chris clark from GamecockCentral.com address three recruiting topics and determine whether or not they believe each statement.


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1. It would be an absolute shock if Branson Robinson didn’t pick Georgia.

Fact or Fiction
Branson Robinson (Nick Lucero / Rivals.com)

Gorney’s point of view: DONE. Georgia emerged early and the Bulldogs remained the favorites throughout June, and now it looks like the five-star running back is just ready to finish his recruiting. Robinson knows where he wants to go and it’s Georgia from the start. The Bulldogs also get a great one, because he’s a physical power runner, but he also has deceptive speed for breaking big runs. He’s truly a Nick Chubb clone and the only five-star backer in the 2022 class is expected to head to Georgia.

Gilmer’s point of view: DONE. Robinson has publicly stated that Georgia is the team for him to beat. There hasn’t been much mystery or intrigue here, other than Alabama’s late involvement. However, Alabama has two running backs in the class and has acknowledged internally that it is no use investing time and effort in recruiting Robinson as he is likely linked with Georgia. For Robinson, not ending up in Georgia would, in my opinion, be the class-wide upheaval of 2022.



2. Travis Shaw will end up in Clemson’s class.

Travis Shaw
Travis Shaw (Rivals.com)

Gorney’s point of view: DONE. I haven’t researched every player in the last decade, but Clemson wins a lot more of these battles than he loses. There was a feeling that after visiting North Carolina this summer, Shaw was going to end up enlisting in the Tar Heels – and it could happen again for sure – but the time might have passed. The five-star defensive tackle is also heavily pursued by Clemson and Georgia to some extent, but I would say the longer it goes the better for the Tigers. North Carolina continues to do well on the scouting track and Mack Brown did an amazing job there, but history has proven that saying no to Clemson is much harder than saying yes.

Strelow’s point of view: FICTION. I am going to choose fiction, only because we are far too far from characterizing it as closer to the facts. Yes, the four-star Bradenton, Fla. IMG Academy’s Daylen Everette slipping last week provided another example of Clemson ranking on UNC in the area. Clemson snapped his fingers and toppled five-star Trenton Simpson at the end of the 2020 cycle, and a fascinating complex has grown since.

Maybe that plays a role in the end result, maybe not. But here’s believing that you can’t project those results onto the decision of another prospect operating under their own circumstances. The Tar Heels were thought to have a lot of momentum ahead of his last official visit in June. It’s worth noting that Shaw appeared to pump the brakes afterwards, so we wouldn’t be rotating the needle in someone else’s direction. Clemson is there for Shaw, as are UNC and Georgia. For a recruit, this watcher felt it would boil down to late fall visits, that’s all we’re willing to go.



3. South Carolina becomes a serious threat to four-star TE Oscar Delp.

Oscar Delp
Oscar Delp (Nick Lucero / Rivals.com)

Gorney’s point of view: DONE. South Carolina Coach Shane projector couldn’t mention Delp by name at SEC Media Days on Monday, but everyone knew exactly what Beamer meant when he said, “We’re going to get to the tight end. We want the best tight ends in America and that’s how we’re recruiting right now. Georgia has been Delp’s favorite for some time now, but I’ve spoken to people who have said there may not be a clearly defined leader left and that Delp’s visit to Columbia was exceptional. This could play a major role in his thinking, especially if he waits longer to make up his mind. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Delp makes a move to Georgia at some point. But the more it goes, the more South Carolina makes a real contender for its recruitment.

Clark’s point of view: DONE. South Carolina’s positioning with Delp is nothing new. The Gamecocks have been up for a serious race since hiring Beamer. Like Georgia, South Carolina has prioritized him as essentially the only prospect at the end of the race position to be recruited into the 2022 class. Delp has family ties to Columbia, but the staff also did a quality job. by showing him its potential impact on the ground and on the future of the program. South Carolina drew the last official of the summer at the end of June, and everything indicates that it turned out as well. None of this is to say the Gamecocks will sign Delp. Georgia is obviously an important factor and also has a lot of strengths in this race. When evaluating programs on Delp’s roster, however, it’s the Dawgs and Gamecocks who are primarily fighting at the top, and that’s been pretty close.





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