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Fact or Fiction: Ole Miss will emerge as contender for Arch Manning

National Director of Recruitment Rivals Adam gorney with the national recruitment analyst Sam spiegelman and Mark Passwaters from AggieYell.com discuss recruiting topics and determine whether or not to believe each statement.

1. Ole Miss will become a serious contender for Arch Manning at the start of his junior season.

Fact or Fiction: Ole Miss will emerge as contender for Arch Manning
Arch Manning (Sam Spiegelman)

Gorney’s point of view: MADE. Kiffin Way is going to have a major opportunity to impress Arch Manning and his family soon and not only paint a picture of how he has done with Matt Corral but also quarterbacks in Alabama and other stoppages in his coaching career. We all know Kiffin works well with the players in this role and so the Rebels will stand a chance if things go well at Oxford. The family ties are obvious. Do I think Arch Manning ends up at Ole Miss? No, not at this point, as Clemson, Texas, and others have jumped ahead, but it’s still early days and Manning and Kiffin’s relationship is only just beginning.

Spiegelman’s point of view: MADE. Ole Miss will be Manning and his family’s seventh visit this summer, as they have had a glimpse of all schools with legitimate chances of landing the five-star quarterback. Is there a hierarchical order? Presumably yes, but the Mannings keep Arch’s interests close to the vest. Going forward, Manning will attend games throughout the fall. At this point, we’ll have a better understanding of which schools are really up for grabs.



2. Keithian Alexander is pretty much a lockdown at Texas A&M.

Keithian Alexander
Keithian Alexander (Rivals.com)

Gorney’s point of view: FICTION. I agree that Texas A&M looks like the frontman of Keithian Alexander and his relationship with Elie Robinson and others on the staff will go a long way. But when it comes to the five-star defensive tackle, I don’t think anything comes close to a lock at this point. Alabama will continue to run towards him and the Crimson Tide could be close at hand. There were a lot of reasons why Georgia interested Alexander in the first place and these could be revisited. If I had to choose today I’d say Big Bear ends up in College Station, but there might be a long way to go.

Passwaters’ point of view: MADE. Well, we’re dealing with high stakes recruiting in the NIL age, so is anything a ‘lock’? But, having to say, yes, he seems definitely set on A&M. He has received visits since showing up at College Station and quickly disengaged from Georgia and there is no indication that anything has changed. A&M commits are constantly in his ear and it doesn’t even seem like there are as many teams – maybe UGA and Alabama – trying to sway him. But some thought he would have signed up already, so there’s that bit of uncertainty there. Still, if you hunt bears, you’d rather be in A&M’s shoes than anyone else’s.



3. Chris Marshall is the most underrated wide receiver in the 2022 class.

Chris marshall
Chris Marshall (Nick Lucero / Rivals.com)

Gorney’s point of view: FICTION. Guys who I think are too low at the receiver position: Ohio State Engagement Kyion Grayes, Penn State Engagement, Kaden Saunders, Four Star Shazz Preston, and Chris Marshall are certainly another. His recent basketball highlights where he’s a man who dives into people are truly awesome. And that makes me think he deserves to be higher, especially after being so impressive at a Pylon event in Arizona this offseason. But I mainly have my eye on Barion Brown of Nashville (Tenn.) Pearl-Cohn. He’s under the radar, doesn’t speak much but his playing is exceptional, he is a prime target for many SEC programs at the receiver and although he is # 10 at the position he could be too low.

Spiegelman’s point of view: MADE. Well, he’s one of many receivers across the country with legitimate points about being underrated. Evan Stewart may be too low at No.7 and players like Shazz Preston and Kaden Saunders have been exceptional throughout the offseason. Chris Marshall, however, fits this bill. Marshall is a star of two sports who quickly found his place on the football field. He’s a confirmed playmaker who creates 1-to-1 lags with his athleticism, ability to bounce off defensive backs in the red zone, and strong hands. At No.18 nationally, it could still be a bit underclassified.



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