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Fact or Fiction: Texas has a real shot with OG Earnest Greene

Fact or Fiction: Texas has a real shot with OG Earnest Greene

National Director of Recruitment Rivals Adam gorney and national recruitment analyst Sam spiegelman with Jason suchomel from and Michael langston from discuss three recruiting topics and determine if they believe each statement.

1. Oklahoma becomes five-star OL Kam Dewberry’s trending choice.

Kam Dewberry (Nick Lucero /

Gorney’s point of view: DO. I totally understand everything Sam is saying below and I agree with a lot of things because Ohio State and Texas A&M have taken the lead and continue to recruit him hard, Texas is here because Steve Sargsyan and Kyle Flood go after him and LSU can never be counted. But there’s reason to believe Oklahoma could secretly become a real competitor here. I do not count Bill Bedenbaugh because he’s a great recruiter and trainer, and there’s talk that recent visits to some of these other schools haven’t blown Kam Dewberry away. Is the five star found in Norman? Too early to tell, but I’m not counting the Sooners at all.

Spiegelman’s point of view: FICTION. Oklahoma is and remains a top contender for Dewberry, but if we’re looking for momentum, let’s not sleep on LSU or the two schools in the state. Of course, Ohio State and Alabama are two of the main teams at play that will bring Dewberry back to campus for games in the fall, but Dewberry was recently back in Texas and we know he’s a top priority. for Sarkisian and Flood this cycle. He has strong ties to College Station, starting with his high school football program and his blatant connection to Kenyon Green, a former teammate and now Texas A&M star. Brad davis, who recruited Dewberry in Arkansas, had a huge impact on that recruiting when he landed on Ed Orgeron, which also has the Tigers in play before the fall. Oklahoma is in it, but it has some serious competition.



2. Marvin Jones Jr. is a virtual lock for the State of Florida.

Marvin Jones Jr.
Marvin Jones Jr.

Gorney’s point of view: FICTION. A lock? No. But Florida State must love his position with Marvin Jones and if I had to guess now, the Seminoles would definitely drop his engagement. He has only shown signs that he is very interested in FSU. He believes in the story of the turnaround, he likes the other elite perspectives that the Seminoles bring to this class and therefore FSU is in a very strong position. Alabama, Ohio State, Oklahoma and others are very involved. It is one step too far to call it a padlock.

Langston’s point of view: FICTION. Yes, I think FSU is in a strong position here. He only made two summer FSU tours and both trips were multi-day trips. One with his mother and one with his father. FSU did the best job recruiting him. There is also a real connection with Jones and this staff which is unique. Still, the job is not done and Jones is keen to see growth with this team from last year. Plus, Marvin hasn’t really had a detailed look at all of the other national powers he’s very interested in, like Oklahoma, Alabama, and Ohio State. Another good sign is that currently FSU is getting the last official visit. Not to mention that it is very sold on the DE trainer Jean Papuchis develop it. But Jones also wants to see how he drives and the growth of FSU, so there is still work to be done.



3. Texas has a real shot with four-star OG Earnest Greene.

Serious greene
Earnest Greene (Nick Lucero /

Gorney’s point of view: DO. Ohio State and Texas are currently the top two for Earnest Greene with Georgia as well, Oregon a possibility if he stays close to home with USC and maybe Alabama if he stays close to home with USC. could find a way to get to Tuscaloosa soon. But the word I heard is that coach Steve Sarkisian is making a big run for Greene and there is serious interest there for sure. In the end, the Buckeyes might be too far away for another team to catch up with them, but Texas is in the game.

Suchomel’s point of view: DO. The Longhorns definitely made a pretty dramatic rise on Greene’s roster after his unofficial visit to Texas in late June. It’s interesting because when this tour first took place it felt like it was related to his trip to Oklahoma the day before, and some thought the visit to Austin was more related to the stop. to Norman. In the end, Texas made a huge impression and climbed on Greene’s list. I certainly wouldn’t call the Longhorns the favorites by any stretch of the imagination, but they’ve made arrangements to get a comeback visit in the fall and if Texas can continue to crop they should at least have a chance to puncher. against a team like Ohio State.





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