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Firm Alleges There’s Proof Erika Jayne Got Stolen Funds as Her Attorney Responds, Trustee Allows Edelson PC to Go After Erika

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Claims of class action law firm Edelson PC Erika Jaynefinancial records prove that Real housewives from Beverly Hills The actor received settlement funds for family members of the Lion Air crash victims.

In court documents filed in Los Angeles on Tuesday in the middle Thomas girardi, the company said that after reviewing the records given to it by the presiding bankruptcy trustee, it discovered evidence that the money had been transferred to Erika’s companies.

“Far from ruling out the possibility that Erika received the money from the Lion Air settlement, [the records] showed the opposite: the money that belonged to the widows and orphans survivors of the victims of this plane crash had, in fact, been used to make payments for Erika or her businesses, ”they wrote in a memoir, according to a report shared by Reuters.

In response to the filing, however, Erika’s attorney, Evan borges, retaliated in an emailed statement, claiming he had not seen any such evidence.

“I have never seen any evidence to support the claim that the Lion Air settlement money received by Girardi Keese was sent by GK to my client,” Borges said. And the trustee “never claimed that Erika had received settlement money from Lion Air. I don’t know what Edelson is referring to, and he conveniently redacted or blacked out his alleged references in his brief to supposed evidence.

Lawyer Ronald richards, who appeared to work for the trustee until this week, also weighed in on the claims.

“They have produced no evidence showing direct payments to Erika or its companies,” he said. “That’s all a big guess stacked up on maybe.”

During an interview, Ronald also denied making a ‘backdoor deal’ with Erika and said he wanted the Erika investigation to be conducted through bankruptcies, not Edelson’s litigation. PC against her, because he wondered whether or not the company had a right to go after the RHOBH cast member.

“Edelson sees monsters in the closet,” Erika’s lawyer added. “Edelson’s brief in response boils down to a distraction tactic to avoid having to answer for a grossly unethical, illegal and unenforceable fee-sharing agreement between his company and [Girardi Keese]. “

After Jay edelson addressed the lawyer on Twitter, claiming that Ronald had in fact been “fired” from his position as the trustee’s lawyer, Ronald responded to his tweet, saying he “doesn’t know what he’s talking about” .

“He doesn’t know what he’s talking about, you are out of the question when the client sends a signed voluntary substitution. Which was then signed this morning. You can read the fee agreement if it requires it in writing. We are getting a little petty now, don’t you think ”, Ronald responded.

Ronald Richards denies being fired from Erika Jayne case

Then, after another person wanted to know if there were any documents regarding Ronald’s exit from the case, Kimberly Archie, a former employee of Thomas’, offered just that. also indicates that the trustee Elissa miller just replaced Ronald with a lawyer Larry Gabriel by Jenkins, Mulligan and Gabriel.

While the trustee did not give an official reason for the replacement, Jay Edelson accused Ronald of threatening his company in an attempt to get them to drop their lawsuit for embezzlement so that the trustee could reach a settlement with Erika. .

In addition to the substitute trustee Ronald on the case, Jay also confirmed that the trustee no longer opposes their ability to sue Erika legally.

Two things happened right after @RonaldRichards was fired, ”Jay tweeted. “The trustee has withdrawn his opposition to us going forward against Erika. Second, the trustee has agreed to have our response made public. It means the public can see what we have found.

Erika is currently filming the 12th season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.



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