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Free Music for Classroom Projects

three%2Bplaces%2Bto%2Bfind%2Bfree%2Bmusic%2Bfor%2Bmultimedia%2Bprojects Free Music for Classroom Projects

Free Music for Classroom Projects

Creating multimedia projects such as videos, podcasts, and audio slideshows is a great way for students to develop various skills. Some of these skills are technical skills while others are general skills which they can transfer into all aspects of university life. These general skills include respect for the intellectual property of others. Therefore, when students create multimedia projects, they should try to use media of their own creation, public domain media, or media with a Creative Commons license. Finding images that meet these criteria is easy. Finding a sound that meets these criteria is a bit of a challenge for some. That’s why I’ve put together a new video that highlights my three must-see places to find free audio for students to use in their media projects.

In this short video, I provide an overview of how to find and download free music from Pixabay, Dig CC Mixter, and Bensound.

Pixabay’s audio collection features instrumental recordings across a wide range of genres. You can listen to the songs in their entirety before downloading them. Like all other media on Pixabay, you can download and reuse the soundtracks for free. And as they indicate in the terms of use, you don’t have to quote them but it’s appreciated.

Dig CC Mixter offers thousands of songs under the Creative Commons license. The site is divided into three main categories. These categories are Instrumental Music for Movies and Videos, Free Music for Commercial Projects, and Music for Video Games. Within each category, you can search by genre, instrument, and style. When you click the upload icon on a file, you’ll be prompted to copy the attribution information that needs to be included in your project.

Bensound offers a few hundred music tracks that you can download for free. These tracks are classified into eight categories. These categories are acoustic / folk, cinema, corporate / pop, electro, urban / groove, jazz, rock and world. You can listen to the songs before downloading them. When you click on the download button, you will see the clear rules regarding the use of music. You can download and use the music for your video projects for free as long as you credit Bensound for the music. Alternatively, you can purchase a license to use the music anywhere you want without crediting Bensound.





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