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Free Technology for Teachers: Whimsical

Free Technology for Teachers: Whimsical

Whimsical is a good tool for creating flowcharts, mind maps, Venn diagrams, and a variety of other charts and diagrams. As we would expect with any tool like this, Whimsical is a collaborative tool. You can invite people to collaborate with you to edit your work or just comment on it to give your opinion. Graphics and diagrams created on Whimsical can be published as simple web pages, kept private, or exported as PNG (image file) or PDF format.

To create a flowchart or mind map on Whimsical, you can start with a template or create from scratch. Either way, you can customize every element of your chart using the editing tools that appear on the left side of the Whimsical editor. You can quickly select shapes and lines to connect in your diagram. Text can be written on any shape you add to your diagram. And you can even add emojis in whatever shapes you use in your diagram.

whimsical%2Bflowchart%2Bcollaboration Free Technology for Teachers: Whimsical

Applications for education

As my screenshot above shows, Whimsical could be a good tool for students to use to create illustrations of government processes like how a bill becomes law in the United States. Another use of Whimsical is to have students describe the progression of a story. Whimsical can also be used by computer science students to create wireframes and user experience maps.




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