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From a Living Desert to a Volcano’s Peak: Exploring Forza Horizon 5’s Biomes and Seasons

From a Living Desert to a Volcano’s Peak: Exploring Forza Horizon 5’s Biomes and Seasons

While it’s undeniable that flashy supercars and fun-built all-terrain vehicles are the stars of the show in the Forza Horizon series, it’s the very varied and real-life-based environments that really make games shine. Whether it’s raising dust while blowing up the Australian Outback in Forza Horizon 3 or leave a swirling trail of leaves through the English countryside on a chilly autumn day in Forza Horizon 4we all have great memories of exploring the dynamic worlds created by the developers of Playground Games. With Forza Horizon 5, the team is targeting the most diverse place to date: Mexico.

“We knew from the start that we wanted it to be the biggest Forza Horizon Again. However, if we wanted to be the biggest, we felt that we also had to offer the most diversity and contrast, ”says Mike Brown, Creative Director of Forza Horizon at playground games. “Mexico is almost like the whole world in one country: snow-capped peaks, tropical jungles, epic canyons, beautiful beaches, ancient architecture and modern cities. When you add the incredible Mexican culture – the music, the art, the history, the people – there is no more exciting venue for the Horizon Festival.

The Playground Games team is down Forza Horizon 5of Mexico into 11 distinct and unique biomes, each of which has been painstakingly researched and recreated by the team. “Our team collects referrals from location and creates concept images that showcase the beauty and unique details of each biome. We use techniques such as photogrammetry to recreate the environment with precision precision, ”says Don Arceta, artistic director of Forza Horizon 5 at playground games. “And we bring the beauty to the world, through the sights and sounds you’ll find in every region. The point of the artistic process is to make it seem like you’re really there.

The seasons will also return to Forza Horizon 5, adding a new layer of diversity and complexity to the experience than the previous one Forza Horizon Games. Additionally, each of the 11 unique biomes will evolve differently over the seasons. For example, spring signifies the rainy season in the jungles and farmlands of Mexico, while summer could bring intense tropical thunderstorms along the coasts. Forza Horizon 5 The seasons ensure that Mexico is constantly evolving, encouraging players to explore the world in its entirety with each change of season.

But what about the biomes themselves? Spread out on a card that is about one and a half times the size of Forza Horizon 4‘s, the 11 biomes represent the most diverse map a Forza Horizon the game never delivered. Let’s take a closer look:


You might recognize this as the biome that was shown in the Forza Horizon 5 unveil the trailer in June. It’s filled with unique streak-patterned rock formations, many of which erode into hoodoos only found in the canyon. Fun fact: Each of the biomes has a unique sound, and the canyon has more echoes than all the others.





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