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Godfall Fire & Darkness Review & Lightbringer Update

IIn this Godfall DLC review, we’ll be talking about the new Godfall: Fire & Darkness DLC and the new Lightbringer update. For those of you who haven’t seen our original review, the fall of god is an RPG action game developed by Counterplay Games and published by Gearbox Publishing.

Godfall was originally released in November 2020 for PS5 and Windows, but with the new Lightbringer update it is also coming out for PS4. The Fire & Darkness DLC comes with a free update called Lightbringer which is available to all Godfall players whether or not they purchase Fire & Darkness.

Kind: Looter-slasher, Melee Action-RPG
Developped by: Counter-play games
Published by: Gearbox edition
Release date: August 10, 2021
Platforms: PlayStation 5, Windows PC and PlayStation 4

Godfall Fire & Darkness review and Lightbringer update

History and the kingdom of fire

Fire and darkness Downloadable content picks up the story after the concluding events of the fall of god. The new events take place in the Realm of Fire, where players will have to fight against the Darkness itself to avoid catastrophe in all Realms.

Kingdom of Fire features 12 new enemies, 5 new bosses, 4 new story missions, 5 hunting missions, and 1 mission to explore the realm.

Owning a copy of the DLC will not only allow you to play Story missions, but will also unlock exclusive end-game content, including:

  • New Dreamstones of the Fire Kingdom
  • Enemies and bosses from the Fire Kingdom can spawn in the Ascended Tower of Trial
  • Lightbringer can be played in the realm of fire

One of the things I liked most about Godfall was its gorgeous graphics and the Fire Realm stays true to that promise. The environment is vast and breathtaking, which often makes me stop just to admire it a little.

The storyline is pretty generic, with some fun dialogue in between, but I was definitely hoping for more here, given the $ 20 price tag. The story always does a good job of wrapping up, as well as shedding light on the new endgame Lightbringer mode.

Godfall Fire & Darkness Review & Lightbringer Update

Skins of Valor

Value plates are one of the coolest features in Godfall, and if you thought you loved them before, you’ll love them even more now with the addition of 86 new skins you can select from to fully customize your appearance. 56 of these skins will be free to all players as part of the Lightbringer update, while 30 will be exclusive to the Fire & Darkness DLC.

You can unblock Skins by taking on different challenges throughout missions or endgame content, giving players more things to do as they explore the world. The skins are amazing and will help players differentiate themselves from each other while playing with other people in multiplayer. If you love Valorplates as much as I do, this is definitely something to check out.

Combat Silvermane01 PC 4K Godfall Fire & Darkness Review & Lightbringer Update

Lightbringer (Free update)

The Lightbringer update is free and available to all players even if they don’t have the Fire & Darkness DLC.

Equipment and combat

While I like the look of the Valorplates, I feel like the developers missed a great opportunity to differentiate them from each other during combat. Your combat abilities are always very much tied to your loot, and the Valorplate you use won’t have a big impact on your gameplay other than the augments you use or their Archon ability.

There has, however, been a major update when it comes to equipment and endgame bonuses. With the Lightbringer update, 40 new items have been introduced to the game, including a new level only available through the Lightbringer mode called Cursed Items, improving game customization.

Cursed Item Godfall Fire & Darkness Review & Lightbringer Update

Cursed items initially have negative abilities, but once the curse is removed they will provide a huge bonus. To remove the curse, players will need to equip the cursed item and complete the task indicated on the item.

I think this is a really cool feature that will make players fight at a disadvantage to gain that extra power to maximize their characters. Equipping a weapon that weakens you seems odd, but once you lift the curse, you really feel rewarded.


While Godfall is a fun game, it’s definitely better when played with other people. With the new update, a Matchmaking system has been introduced that allows you to join up to two other players to take on the Ascended Trial Tower or the new Lightbringer Mode. In addition, a new ping system has also been added allowing you to easily communicate with other players even without a headset.

It’s something that should have been implemented right out of the box, and it’s a very welcome addition that most players have requested. If you own the game and haven’t played in a while, I highly suggest you give matchmaking a try.

Lightbringer mode

Lightbringer Mode is part of the new endgame content and becomes available at level 50. You can choose from one of four realms: Earth, Air, Water, and Fire (which is only available if you’ve purchased the DLC Fire & Darkness).

In this mode, you will need to restore light to a realm that has been consumed by a Heart of Darkness. Your objective is to locate the black tears and destroy them to release the light of Sanctum. Defeating enemies in the dark will increase your light level, which will provide you with more loot when you finish the race.

While traveling in darkness, your character will constantly take damage. You can activate beacons of light along the way to clear the darkness and restore your health. Once you locate a black teardrop, activate it and destroy enemies to unleash the light of Sanctum.

Environment01 PC 4K Godfall Fire & Darkness Review & Lightbringer Update

Once the light is released, you will have the option to accept a curse that will affect you throughout the race. The more curses you select, the more powerful your enemies become and the greater the reward after completing the race. Enemies killed at higher levels will increase your light level (and loot) even more. Personally, I like this high risk, high reward system because it gives players the freedom to customize the difficulty and get rewarded for doing so.

Once you have selected a curse, you must then escort the light to the Amplifier, a device that can eradicate the Dark Heart of the Realm. While you are escorting the Light, enemies will attack you periodically and try to reduce the strength of the Light. Once you reach the Amplifier, you can either bring in more light for other rewards or activate it.

Once the amplifier is activated, hordes of enemies will storm you, trying to extinguish the light. You will have to defeat the enemies and collect the crystals that they drop. Introducing these crystals into the Amplifier will ultimately defeat the Darkness and bring light back to the world, dropping an incredible amount of loot.

This mode is a lot of fun, but I highly recommend that you try it in multiplayer because sometimes you will have to attack and defend and doing it alone can be overwhelming.

Price level

The Fire & Darkness DLC costs $ 20.00 and while it brings a whole new realm to explore and the addition of unique cosmetics, most of the new endgame content will be free and included with the Lightbringer update. , which makes it a bit pricey for what CA is offering.

If you liked the original story, or if you love Valorplate Skins as much as I do, you might want to consider repeating it. But if the story or the skins aren’t that relevant to you then you’ll be fine with the base game. And, if you’re new to Godfall, I would definitely recommend trying the base game first and deciding if you want to purchase the DLC after you’ve completed it.

Final thoughts

While the Fire & Darkness DLC includes a new chapter in the history of Godfall that can be enjoyed on your own, the Lightbringer update takes multiplayer to a whole new level by including a matchmaking system, a new game mode. endgame and a fair amount of skins, letting you save the kingdom with other players as you fight together and make new friends. Whether you are a newcomer or a returning player, I definitely suggest you give Lightbringer mode a chance in multiplayer mode.

Boss01 PC 4K Godfall Fire & Darkness Review & Lightbringer Update

On the flip side, the Fire & Darkness DLC is a bit pricey for what it has to offer, and I would only recommend picking it up if you’ve played the base game before and are extremely interested in it. history and traditions of God, or if you really like the in-game Valorplates. $ 20 is a lot to ask for a DLC these days, and I thought there should have been more content for that price.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out our initial Godfall review, and you can find answers to any other questions you might have on the Godfall wiki. So what do you think of Godfall? Are you going to try it out now that there is a new end game mode and new matchmaking? Let us know in the comments below!



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