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Goldberg gets straight into the face of Bobby Lashley

WWE Raw Results and Live Updates: Keith Lee defeats Karrion Kross. Bobby Lashley accepts Goldberg’s Challenge

WWE Raw Monday Night Raw Results and Live Updates: Check out the big highlights and what happened on WWE Monday Night RAW Episode on Aug 03: Monday Night Raw will be moving to CM Punk’s hometown. Yes, you heard it right! WWE Raw will be live from the Allstate Arena in Chicago, Illinois, this Monday night. 

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website Banner Goldberg gets straight into the face of Bobby Lashley

Here are the live updates from the night-

  • The All-Mighty WWE Champion Bobby Lashley kicked off the night and gets distracted by Goldberg
  • 2 on 1 Handicap match- Veer & Shanky vs. Drew McIntyre
  • Nia Jax vs. Rhea Ripley
  • Mustafa Ali & Mansoor vs. Mace & T-Bar
  • Charlotte Flair in the ring
  • Doudrop (with Eva Marie) vs. Tamina
  • The Miz Tv: Special Guest Damian Priest
  • Damian Priest vs. John Morrison
  • Damian Priest and Ricochet vs. John Morrison and Sheamus
  • Omos vs. Riddle
  • Keith Lee vs. Karrion Kross
  • 24/7 Championship: Reggie vs. Akira Tozawa

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WWE Raw Results August 3, live blog & live streaming details: WWE Raw, follow live updates

Below are the WWE Raw Results from the night

24/7 Championship: Reggie vs. Akira Tozawa- Both men started off with gymnast moves by escaping each others offense. Akira was chasing Reggie all around the ring both inside and outside. It was all about some quick gymnastic moves and finally, Reggie hit a 450 running dive to pin Akira Tozawa and retain his title.

WWE Raw Results- Reggie defeated Akira Tozawa via Pinfall

Keith Lee vs. Karrion Kross- A third loss in a row could prove catastrophic for Keith Lee’s confidence. The match started with the classic wrestling hold, and Keith Lee taking Kroos to the corner post. Kross was rocked in the corner though but only until Kross denied two belly-to-belly from Lee.

After some lusty blows and strikes in the ring from both men also a dive from the top rope from Keith Lee, the match was taken to the outside of the ring where Kross delivered a devastating side suplex on the steel steps to leave Lee in severe pain.

After the commercial, both men were inside the ring with Karrion Kross continuing his dominance to wipe out Lee with a series of strikes. Lee was looking completely exhausted but somehow he tried gaining momentum with 4 different strikes on the trot followed by a double chop on the chest of the NXT Champion.

It was a complete turnaround, but Kross again struck with an elbow on the back of the head. Kross then went for his submission finisher the sleeper hold, but Lee didn’t let him get the hold correctly. The match ended up with Keith finally hitting a spirit bomb and handing Kross his second defeat on the Red brand.

WWE Raw Results- Keith lee defeated Karrion Kross via Pinfall

Backstage- Doudrop attacked Alexa Bliss in the Alexa Bliss Playground as Eva Marie was directing the traffic.

Omos vs. Riddle- Surprisingly Omos has his own theme song and there’s no AJ Styles on his side. He is on his own. Riddle went for a sleeper hold even before the match could officially begin. However, Omos just threw Riddle just like a rag bag.

As the bell rung, Riddle tried to take advantage of his quickness by body-slamming Omos thrice, but the big man was nowhere near getting humbled. Omos threw Riddle outside not once but twice and to the timekeeper area. Riddle barely beat the 10-count twice but his resilience finally gave up as Omos finished off Riddle with a double arm chokeslam.

WWE Raw Results: Omos defeated Riddle via Pinfall

Backstage- It’s Official! The All-Mighty WWE Champion has accepted Goldberg’s challenge and will face him at WWE Summerslam.

Damian Priest and Ricochet vs. John Morrison and Sheamus- After Ricochet intervened, the match was made official by Sonya Deville during the commercial. Sheamus was the one in command against Ricochet. However, continuous rapid-fire elbows from Ricochet helped him to tag Damian in.

Once Damian Priest was in the ring, the momentum changed completely. Damian was all over Morrison as Sheamus tagged his partner in. Right in the closing moments of the match, Ricochet dived outside the ring from the corner post on Sheamus to take him out of the equation. In the ring, Damian Priest hit his finisher “Reckoning” on Morrison to pick up a victory.

WWE Raw Results- Damian Priest pinned John Morrison to pick up a victory for his team.

Damian Priest vs. John Morrison- The match started with Morrison holding Damian’s right leg and kicking on the leg from behind.

Damian was taken to the corner post, but he was able to escape by kicking Morrison on the chest. The two men got in the middle of the ring and started their offense. At one point, Damian tried for a top turnbuckle splash but the Miz used the drip stick from the outside of the ring to distract Damian.

In the closing moments of the match, Damian, who was in control, took the upper hand with some fierce strikes on the back of Morrison and then put him through a devastating Chokeslam to pick up the victory.

After the match got over, Sheamus relentlessly attacked Damian but the latter was saved by Ricochet who came out of nowhere to put an end to what could have been a brutal assault from the United States Champion.

WWE Raw Results- Damian Preist pinned John Morrison

The Miz Tv: Special Guest Damian Priest- Without wasting any time Miz introduced his guest Damian Priest who certainly is not unknown personnel for both Miz and Morrison. Both Miz and Morrison pointed out how Damian has injured the Miz and how he cheated to defeat Sheamus last week by removing his mask.

Damian Priest responded by saying no one knows about Miz’s injury. He doubted that even if Miz is injured or he is just playing with everyone. The segment got intended and Damian said that he came here to challenge Sheamus but now he wants to take on Morrison as he got pissed by this segment tonight.

Backstage- Damian Priest and Riddle were in a conversation backstage. Damian asked him about his plans to face the Big Man Omos tonight. Riddle said he is not worried about him because he is going into the match with Randy’s voices in his head. Meanwhile, Riddle congratulated Damian Priest for his last week’s victory over Sheamus.

Doudrop (with Eva Marie) vs. Tamina- The two women’s started off with two wrestling locks. Tamina was all fired up slamming Doudrop in the corner and running into her with a side attack. Tamina looked to end things early as she was going for a top turnbuckle body slam, but Eva Marie distracted her and Doudrop slammed her face on the outside of the post.

Doudrop took the momentum from there and started dominating Tamina. Stook down Tamina twice with running attacks. Just when Doudrop was looking good, Eva Marie distracted Doudrop by directing her to go for a cross-body attack. Doudrop failed to follow the command and Tamina hit her with a Samoan Drop to end the proceedings.

WWE Raw Results: Tamina pinned Doudrop

Charlotte Flair in the ring- Charlotte pointed out the flaws in Nikki A.S.H and Rhea Ripley. She said she is furious about Nikki cashing in her contract.

Charlotte said I have been cashed in three times by Money in the Bank winners in the past. She said cashing in the contract is almost a theft because the winner spoils the hard work of the champion in a few minutes.

Charlotte threw different items in the ring including a cane stick & a broom. She said that she will beat Nikki tonight with all this. Just as Charlotte was bragging more, Nikki came from behind and hit a steel chair on the back of Charlotte.

Mustafa Ali & Mansoor vs. Mace & T-Bar- Mansoor and Ali were completely rocked by T-Bar and Mace right from the word ‘Go.’ Ali was taken outside the ring by t-Bar but still managed to get to his corner and get a tag from Mansoor.

Ali gave his all with some outside ring dives and a tornado DDT to T-Bar. He looked good until Mansoor was targeted by T-Bar with a top turnbuckle fall followed by a knee to the face from T-Bar and a swinging kick to wrap up the proceedings.

WWE Raw Results: T-Bar pinned Mansoor to pick up the victory

Nia Jax vs. Rhea Ripley- Nia and Rhea started off with the classic wrestling hold, and the Irresistible Force Nia was on the money right from the outset. She crushed Rhea’s head between the ring post.

Nia continued the assault in the ring, however, Rhea tried a Riptide early on but Nia countered the move with an elbow on the face of Rhea. She then slammed Rhea’s shoulder first on the pole and the two ladies were outside the ring.

Nia once again tried crushing Rheas’ head between her and the post, but Rhea escaped this time. Before going to the commercial, Rhea was Samoan dropped onto the barricade and Rhea was left reeling in pain.

After the commercial, both ladies were in the ring with Rhea feeling the pain as she was on Nia’s shoulders. Rhea however got some momentum as she went for a dropkick. Rhea was barely able to get in control but Nia was overpowering all her moves.

In the closing moments, Shayna Baszler tried to distract Rhea to help Nia take advantage, but the move backfired as Rhea secured a roll-up win over the Irresistible Force Nia Jax. After the match got over, Nia blasted on Shayna for the distraction. This made Shayna furious and she left the ring. Taking advantage of Shayna’s absence, Rhea hit a Riptide on Nia Jax.

WWE RAW Results: Rhea Ripley pinned Nia Jax

Backstage- Shanky, Veer, and Mahal escaped from the arena in a fuss. While Drew gets interviewed where he states that I have known Mahal for 10 years, and I will take care of him.

2 on 1 Handicap match: Veer & Shanky vs. Drew McIntyre- Jinder Mahal, Veer, and Shanky were stunned to see Drew McIntyre bringing the massive sword to the ring. With Jinder present near the ringside and Veer started off the proceedings.

McIntyre started off with sine lusty blows, but Veer was quick to tag in Shanky, The towering figure of Shanky humbled Drew with a clothesline. Shanky made a quick tag after the clothesline but this gave momentum to Drew. He was on the money against him and threw him across the ring followed by a spine buster.

Drew was all set to hit the Claymore, but Shanky held his leg and Jinder brought in a steel chair to hit Drew on his abdomen and back to disqualify the bout. After a while, the three men brought three steel chairs, and Drew was all alone in the ring. However, he quickly went near the ring post and grabbed his massive sword. Seeing Drew with a massive sword, Jinder and Co left the ring consequently. Jinder was the first escapist followed by Veer and Shanky.

WWE Raw Results: Drew McIntyre won by DQ

In the ring- The All-Mighty WWE Champion is in the ring to kick off the show with MVP who started talking. He said that everyone’s waiting for Goldberg, but the fact that he is here to challenge by disrespecting Bobby Lashley is not going to happen.

He said that Goldberg is an intimidating man and he can crush any man on any given day, but Bobby Lashley is on another level because he is a gladiator. He went on that if Goldberg fights Lashley, it would be his last match as Bobby Lashley will annihilate him and finish his career as a casualty.

As MVP was speaking, Goldberg’s music hit, and the tantalizing figure of Goldberg was walking on the ramp. Goldberg walked straight into the face of Bobby Lashley and said that the only thing you will lose is the WWE Championship and you fear losing the title.

Goldberg continued that this is Chicago and these people can smell fear from a mile. They can sense you are feared. He said that I am Goldberg and whatever my age is today, I will always be Goldberg. After pissing off MVP and Bobby Lashley to the limit, Goldberg left the ring.

While MVP and Bobby Lashley were leaving the ring, Lashley and MVP got into the face of Goldberg’s son who was there among the live crowd. MVP started trash-talking with his son, and Goldberg returned in a while and speared MVP to shut his mouth for good.



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