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Google Pixel Fold Reportedly Not Hit the Market Anytime Soon Due to Competitive Landscape

Foldable phones are now popular in the smartphone industry, with almost all smartphone manufacturers experimenting with foldable phone designs and promising to release new foldable phones in the years to come.

Google is one of the manufacturers that likely to launch a new foldable smartphone. The Pixel 6 series was to be accompanied by the company’s first foldable smartphone. While that did not happen, rumors eventually circulated that Google had postponed plans to release a foldable phone next year. According to a new claim from Ross Young of Display Supply Chain Consultant (DSCC), Google has canceled plans to release the Pixel Fold next year.

Google Pixel fold canceled

“According to DSCC supply chain sources, Google has chosen not to market the Pixel Fold.” “Not in 2021,” Young remarked, “and apparently not in the first half of 2022. One of the many reasons behind Google’s decision not to release a foldable Pixel is that it would be too hard to compete with. devices like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3, etc. Young believes that in the US and Europe, Google’s foldable smartphone would have been priced higher than Samsung’s.

It is surprising that the claims are genuine. More so, given Google’s recent announcement of Android 12L, a custom operating system for tablets and foldable devices. The Android 12L is said to be designed for larger devices, including foldable phones, according to Google.

Previous leaks suggested that the Pixel Fold would be similar in size to the Galaxy Z Fold 3, with LTPO and a variable refresh rate of up to 120Hz. It wasn’t expected that there would be any color on it. ‘encapsulation or a camera under the panel, unlike the Z Fold 3. In addition, there were rumors that the cameras were not state of the art. According to, the Pixel Fold cameras were seen as a downgrade from the previously introduced Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro.

The Pixel Fold is said to have the same 12.2 MP IMX363 sensor used in the Pixel 3 as the main sensor, along with the 12MP IMX386 ultra-wide camera and two 8MP IMX355 sensors for indoor and outdoor displays, according to reports.

Since Google hasn’t hinted at a foldable smartphone, it’s safe to believe that the foldable Pixel isn’t coming out anytime soon. When it comes to foldable phones, it has been reported that Oppo, Xiaomi, Vivo, and Honor are all working on it. However, none of them have revealed information about their upcoming foldable devices.

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