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Heatworks opens pre-orders for its plumbing-free countertop dishwasher – TechCrunch


Heatworks opens pre-orders for its plumbing-free countertop dishwasher – TechCrunch

Heatworks has finally opened pre-orders for the Tetra, a countertop dishwasher that the company unveiled with great fanfare at CES 2018. Since the Tetra doesn’t require any plumbing, the only thing you need to connect it to is an outlet. electric. The device has a three-liter tank that you fill with water manually. Once the cycle (which lasts less than an hour on the shortest setting) is complete, you disconnect the gray water tank and empty the waste water.

The dishwasher can wash and dry three place settings worth of dishes per load. At first glance, this may seem unnecessary compared to manually cleaning those plates, cups and utensils, not to mention the counter space the machine will take up. However, Heatworks says the machine requires less water than hand washing and rinsing dishes.

There are several settings, including a “fruit” to wash the products. Additionally, the dishwasher uses recyclable cartridges with concentrated detergent in an attempt to reduce waste.

The Tetra also requires less energy than a standard dishwasher, according to the company. To heat the water, Heatworks uses Ohmic Array technology, such as Gizmodo Remarks. The Tetra takes a microwave-style approach to heating water rather than exploiting traditional metallic elements. It uses graphite electrodes and “advanced electronic controls” to excite natural minerals in the water. This setup allows the Tetra to efficiently heat water and maintain precise temperature control, according to Heatworks.

While there are other countertop dishwashers that don’t need a plumbing hookup, the Tetra has a smaller water tank than many of its rivals. Farberware’s FDW05ASBWHA model (which currently costs $ 340) has a capacity of five liters. The Tetra can also heat water more efficiently than other models.

The Tetra will typically retail for $ 499, but Heatworks is offering a $ 100 rebate for those who lock a pre-order now. Detergent cartridges will cost around $ 6 each and they should be good for 20 loads depending on the setting and load capacity. Heatworks plans to start shipping the Tetra by May 18, 2022, which is Dirty Dishes Day.

Editor’s Note: This post first appeared on Engadget.




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