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Hollow Knight Breaks Its Own Concurrent User Record on Steam

The metroidvania title Hollow Knight recently broke its own PC concurrent user record about four years later after its original debut.

Hollow Knight breaks own record for simultaneous users on Steam

Hollow Knight recently managed to break its own record of simultaneous users on Steam, about four years later after its launch. The game metroidvania was released in February 2017, which took players on an adventure through an insect kingdom. The well-received title won awards and won the hearts of fans.

But oddly enough, four years later, Hollow Knight has taken another step forward, securing a new record of concurrent PC gamers via Steam of over 12,000 players on August 5 – 12,891 according to SteamDB. His previous record was just over 10,000 players.

Hollow Knight Breaks Its Own Concurrent User Record on Steam

New competitor for 12,891 records via SteamDB

The exact reason for the new record is not exactly known. Usually when games win a new resurgence of players or a new simultaneous high, it is due to news or rumors of a sequel. Hollow Knight already has a sequel in the works under the name Hollow Knight: Silksong which has already been revealed but does not yet have a release date. Silksong didn’t make an appearance at E3 2021, but does that mean we’ll see more soon?

Still, this milestone is a great reason to celebrate this adorable metroidvania. If you want to know why it made the Top 10 Metroidvanias to play in 2021, alongside other gems, check it out here.

Hollow Knight is available on Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PC.

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