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How Justin Bieber helped Jordan Turpin escape parent abuse

Jordan Turpin describes the abuse she suffered to Diane Sawyer. (Photo: ABC)

In an exclusivity ABC News 20/20 Interview Friday, November 19 Jordan Turpin spoke to Diane Sawyer about the surprising way Justin Bieber helped her choose to escape the so-called “house of horror”.

Turpin is one of 13 siblings who were eventually rescued from the Perris, Calif. Home of their parents David and Louise Turpin after years of physical and emotional torture by the couple.

In 2018, Turpin escaped through a window, armed with an old cell phone, which she used to document the abuse and call 9-1-1. Upon arrival, the police found the house full of garbage, droppings, and molded food. Some of the siblings, ranging in age from two to 29 at the time, were chained to their beds. The siblings were also severely malnourished and some suffered from cognitive impairment due to their condition, as well as physical issues such as heart problems. All had limited knowledge of the outside world.

David and Louise have since been sentenced to 25 years in life for their crimes after pleading guilty to 14 counts.

Turpin made him escape after learning that his parents intended to cross state borders, telling Sawyer, “I think it was us who came so close to death so many times. . If anything happened to me, at least I would die trying. “

However, it was watching Bieber’s clips that reminded him that there was more to the outside world.

“I don’t know where we would be if we didn’t watch Justin Bieber,” she explained. “Sometimes, especially when we were younger, my mom and dad would leave. The older ones would sneak up and turn on the TV. So we would see clips and stuff, and that’s where we learned a lot. I watched a lot of it. Justin Bieber. “

She said watching the “Ghost” singer made her start to “pay attention.”

“I started to realize that there was a different world there. I only knew one world and it was like I was still there,” she said. “I always said, ‘I want to be there. I want to be like that to be free, not to be trapped. ‘”

Currently, Turpin and his siblings are struggling to get their lives back on track after their rescue. Turpin, now 21, said she had “no way to get food” because she was no longer supported by the state. Riverside County District Attorney Mike Hestrin told ABC that many adult children live in “misery” because they do not have access to the funds raised for them, for unknown reasons.



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