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Imagine Earth Available Now for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S

As we finally go out Imagine the earth on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | SI began to remember how adventurous this game was for us. Martin and I put seven years of hard work into our world simulator which is pretty special in the way it combines city building and economic strategy, resource management and ecological survival on global planets.

The game combines many valuable game mechanics in a unique way and all the time we wanted it to work on Xbox. So we optimized everything for the controller controls when creating interfaces and storytelling. A first version was already working on the Xbox 360 devkit since the first prototype that we made as students was a finalist during the Microsoft Imagine Cup ’08 final in Paris where they had the Game Design category for the first time. As the game grew, we changed the game engine twice and revised the interface and character design even more often.

I’m sure we’ve only been able to continue this long development journey with public recognition like the Imagine Cup and of course the support of over 43,000 early access contributors. Over the years, the climate crisis has become more and more glaring and has arisen as an issue in the midst of society. The growing awareness of the problem has given us the confidence to work on an urgent topic and integrate the climate crisis into the gameplay as an authentic base mechanic.

Build your own civilizations on distant planets

Overtime, Imagine the earth has become an economic strategy game with an environmental planet simulation. The job of a space colony manager is to build and supply colonies on a global scale. The aim is to develop efficient production and space trade to prosper and prosper, but also to research and develop new technologies to prevent disasters, sea level rise and climate collapse. global.

Imagine the earth

At first it is a peaceful infrastructure building game as the use of weapons is prohibited in its futuristic scenario. The first players must build city districts and provide them with food, energy and goods. Finding the best location for each building is a complex puzzle as they have many positive and negative influences on each other and there are various soil conditions and deposits on the fields. With the goods produced or the materials harvested, additional equipment can be crafted or more complex items for sale. To preserve the quality of life of the settlers, sooner or later a balance must be found between growth and sustainability.

A race for unlimited economic growth in space

In addition, the game places the player in the role of a global economic player. The player must compete economically with other companies for supremacy in a globalized market. This includes hostile stock trading and takeovers, but you can even use terraforming and weather manipulation to bring down your opponents’ stock prices. Form alliances or face all kinds of diplomatic struggles.

Imagine the earth

The factions might be compelled to cooperate from a certain point in planetary development to preserve the environment as the common basis of life. The World Congress is a democratic allegiance containing all the factions of the planet. It passes resolutions for taxes and subsidies, penalties and supplies. Brought together by the threat of climate change, the factions discuss emissions taxes and environmental funds or banning certain technologies like fossil fuels and hopefully find strategies and answers to preserve their home world.

The fate of whole worlds is in your hands

As said, we started this project once as students and how the prototype seemed to make the most threatening and urgent problem of our time playable in a simulation has kept us excited and busy for so many years. now. The challenge of global climate change, which seems too abstract and inconceivable to the individual, should become tangible and treatable by giving the actor responsibility for the future of a global ecosystem.

Imagine the earth

The sci-fi storyline, which we’ve wrapped around this topic over time, serves primarily to enable a thought experiment with an open-ended outcome and to remove reservations and ideological sensitivities, which would have blocked an earthly storyline. In terms of storytelling and dramaturgy, we were constantly faced with the challenge of balancing fun and seriousness so that Imagine the earth could shine like a game and still raise plausible questions without becoming judgmental or informative. Rather, it should be inviting, motivating and arouse curiosity. The light visual style is believed to increase the accessibility of the gameplay. It also celebrates the triangle, the smallest universal component in all of the 3D computer game worlds, as a stylistic design element.

Imagine the earth

Imagine the earth

Serious brothers



$ 24.99

Planetary Colonization Imagine Earth is a real-time planet simulation and building strategy game. Your job as a Space Colony Manager is to explore and populate distant planets. Build prosperous and profitable colonies on a global scale and trade resources and goods in space. Profits vs. Ecocide You will experience a massive conflict between the profit goals of interstellar societies and the need to preserve the living conditions of your people. Tailpipe emissions and soil pollution impact the global climate as your colony grows. Rising temperatures melt the polar caps and your colonies are destroyed by rising sea levels. Expansion and Research Raise great cities and satisfy their thirst for resources by building power stations, farms and factories. Dig ideon crystals, pacify riots, research technologies and constructions, and maximize your growth while maintaining a healthy ecosystem. Allies, threats and enemies Prepare to face threats such as asteroid strikes, tornadoes, forest fires, volcanoes and sea level rise. Fend off space raiders and alien investors . Coexist and trade with natives, merchants and hostile colonies. The Capitalist Space Age In 2048, huge societies divided the Earth and exploited its natural resources to a great extent. Now, the discovery of ideon crystals allows for space travel, while technologically and ideologically almost everything remains the same. The laws of the market are spreading throughout the universe. Competition and economic war. On each planet discovered, a competition for economic domination breaks out. To expand your colony as quickly as possible and defeat your opponents, you exploit the fossil and mineral resources available for free. Additional money is provided by selling stocks in your colony. Take back the opposing companies by buying back their shares. Resource and Technology Trade Technology traders and traders organize interplanetary trade and will happily purchase any minerals and resources you extract from your territory while selling expensive technologies. The same is true for the cooperating colonies and the extraterrestrial tribes that live on some of the planets.



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