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HomeNewsIn Pictures: Tokyo 2020 Olympics open with sombre ceremony | Japan News

In Pictures: Tokyo 2020 Olympics open with sombre ceremony | Japan News

The opening ceremony for the Tokyo Olympics took place on Friday in a nearly empty stadium after a year-long pandemic postponement and an accumulation marred by scandals and controversies.

The curtailed celebration began with a video showing athletes training at home during the pandemic before fireworks burst into the air above the Olympic Stadium.

A few hundred officials and dignitaries were in the stands of the 68,000-seat hall, including French President Emmanuel Macron, US First Lady Jill Biden and Japanese Emperor Naruhito, who declared the Games open.

The Olympics met with opposition in Japan over fears that the global gathering of 11,000 athletes could spark a major event. The event is taking place under strict virus control measures.

Foreign supporters are banned for the first time in Games history, and domestic spectators can only attend events at a handful of venues.

Inside the stadium on Friday, fireworks erupted on the rooftop of the arena and music blared from its speakers, but the tone for much of the ceremony was grim, including included in an opening act when performers imitated athletes training in isolation.

Tennis star Naomi Osaka concluded the ceremony by lighting the Olympic cauldron atop a Mount Fuji-inspired summit.




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