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Influence a Cast of Gods and the Shape of a New World in Mythic Ocean

Influence a Cast of Gods and the Shape of a New World in Mythic Ocean


  • Mythical ocean Artist / animator Robyn Haley and writer / songwriter Darren Malley describe how their underwater adventure game is all about empathy and creation.
  • Players freely explore a vibrant ocean and lend their guidance to a pantheon of gods. Their choices lead to thousands of possible endings.
  • Mythical ocean is now available on Xbox One. A free demo called Mythical Ocean: Prologue is also available.

What would you do if you could speak with the gods, and your influence over them could change the cosmos? Mythical ocean is an atmospheric adventure where players befriend a pantheon of gods under the sea, help solve their problems, and make choices that shape the birth of a new world.

This title combines free exploration of the open world with the dialogue-driven gameplay of a visual novel. As you discover new areas and meet new creatures, you will also meet different gods with their own personalities and situations. They will share their motivations and problems and ask for your opinion. The advice you give constantly changes the story being told and, more importantly, determines which of these gods will rise above to create a new word and what kind of world they will create.

Mythical ocean takes place in an ocean world between times. There is a mystery between what came before and what will come after, with thousands of unique possible endings. Mythical ocean is meant to be a cycle. A particular ending is not really the end. Are you unhappy with the world created by your choices? Try to approach the different gods in the game differently. We are excited about the replay value offered to players.

Mythical ocean

In this game there is no death, no fighting, no failure. Here, it’s all about dialogue and influence. What do you think others should do and how do you present it to them? Who do you want them to become (keeping in mind that you can’t force them)? Mythical ocean encourages empathy, and players will likely need to answer questions about themselves as they decide their responses to various characters. Conversations can be fun and relaxing, but also delve deeper into meaningful and philosophical themes. We believe players of all ages can find their own food for thought.

Our players are storytellers too – we’ve created a story they can explore and shape, creating an experience that’s unique to them. Mythical ocean is both a love letter to the beauty and power of the sea, and a game about how any individual has more influence than they realize. We invite you to come as you are and play a big part in creating a new universe.

Mythical ocean

Xbox live

Mythical ocean



$ 14.99

There is also a free demo called Mythic Ocean: Prologue available if you want to try it out first. Explore a vibrant ocean freely. Have relaxing, deep, and fun conversations with six different gods and a group of sea creatures. The advice you give continually changes your story and leads to thousands of possible endings, somewhere between harmony and pandemonium. What god will rise above? What kind of universe will they create? Discover the results of your choices. “… a world full of life, color, music and meaning that is sure to stay with you for years to come.” – 10/10 GameSpace “… an adorable, silly, interesting, deep and complex game with no fighting, no death, just choices and consequences.” – 8/10 Buried Treasure “… crossing the depths of the ocean is serene and relaxing, and meeting the myriad of weird and wonderful creatures in the game is endlessly delightful. – 8/10 GameSpew DEVELOPED BY Paralune they can explore and shape, creating a unique experience for them. Mythic Ocean is both a love letter to the beauty and power of the sea, and a game about how you, as a person, have more influence than you think. “- Robyn Haley , Darren Malley and Matt Smudz POSTED BY “We publish games that aim to provide a new experience. Diving into Mythic Ocean is almost like entering a state of meditation where deep thoughts and connections can be forged. – Mikaël Bourget, founder of the publishing label




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