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Latrell Mitchell tackle on Joseph Manu, Roosters reaction, Phil Gould podcast comments

Latrell Mitchell tackle on Joseph Manu, Roosters reaction, Phil Gould podcast comments

Phil Gould says it’s clear the Roosters believe Latrell Mitchell intended to eliminate Joseph Manu based on the club’s reaction to the incident, describing the notion as “childish” and “ridiculous.”

Speaking on Wide World of Sports’ Six Tackles Podcast with Gus, Gould was questioned directly by James Bracey: “Is it fair to say, Gus, that the Roosters believe there was an intention from Latrell?” ”

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To which Gould replied: “I think it’s obvious now. And I didn’t see that, I didn’t see that one player would do this deliberately to another.”

Gould insisted the collision between Mitchell and Manu was a legitimate tackle attempt gone awry and a terrible “accident”.

On the podcast, he relayed the phone conversation he had with Roosters coach Trent Robinson, defending this opinion, explaining that the tackle physics had worked against the Rabbitohs star, but Gould over the five last days formed the opinion that the Roosters believe the collision was the result of sinister intent.

He said the club’s reaction to the incident would have been different if he had accepted it was negligence or an accident before tearing up the argument that it was something what’s more.

“Why would (Latrell) say, ‘Okay, I don’t want to play final football’? I’m happy to be suspended. I’m going to go knock this guy out,” Gould asked.

“So he ran 30 yards across the pitch to a test situation for one of the great players on the pitch and one of the great players in the game, who has already torn them apart several times from each other. side of the field, withdrew from tackles, miracle discharges, miracle flick passes, we know what kind of player Joey Manu is …

“Latrell goes over there to try to make a tackle and stop the ball and stop Joey Manu in one action. But in all of it he’s thinking in those 30 yards, ‘here’s a chance for me to knock this guy out.’ “Well. Hit him on the head and knock him out, this is my chance. And I’m going to take it here on national television right in front of 11 cameras. I’m going to run across the field and I’m going to knock this guy out and no one will see him.

“Or, ‘I don’t want to play final football. I’m going to fall here and knock out Joey Manu and I don’t care if I’m suspended for life.’

“You mean tell me that there are thoughts going through his head that it’s deliberate? That that’s what he’s going to do? It’s just such a ridiculous and childish idea that there is would have something deliberate about it. ”

Gould said he went through the same scenario with Robinson during their phone call in an attempt to illustrate his take that Mitchell had taken the wrong tackle without any malicious intent.

Latrell hits Manu

He added that if the accepted view was that Mitchell’s attitude and tackling technique was a problem, it is likely that it was a problem created by the Roosters.

“As for his tackling style, attitude and aggression, he’s been coached with the Roosters for a long time. coached in him? ” said Gould.

“So I think everyone is very emotional about these things and you just have to get out of it.”

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