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Become a legend in a blockbuster racer – PlayStation.Blog

A legend in a blockbuster racer:

Ready to get behind the wheel? Revealed today during EA Play Live, welcome to Grid Legends, launching in 2022 on PS5 and PS4.

A thrilling and unpredictable driving experience from Codemasters and EA Games, Grid Legends combines thrilling motorsport action, an incredible variety of races and an immersive story that puts the player at the heart of the action. blockbuster racer Combining all-new features with a legacy of a quarter-century of fantastic racing experiences, today’s official trailer opens a new chapter for a legendary racing series.

So, before we really dive into this trailer, let’s take a cruise down memory lane …

Grid Legends: a legacy of racing continues

The Grid franchise has been busy tearing the circuits and streets apart since 2008, when Race Driver: Grid burst onto the scene and received critical acclaim – though in reality the roots of our racing series stretch back years. 1990. TOCA Touring Car Championship in 1997 created a buzz with its impressive handling and gameplay, and at the turn of the millennium TOCA Race Driver took things to another level. A wide array of racing experiences and a gripping story, featuring Nathan and Ryan McKane, have set the tone for four Grid games to date, expanding the roster of cars, racing disciplines, locations, action in line and captivating solo options.

While the series has taken on many different forms over the past 24 years, each title has stuck with three key factors: action-packed racing, an incredible variety of motorsports, and creating memorable racing stories on and off piste. Grid Legends blockbuster racer offers these key features – and more. Take a closer look at today’s trailer, and you’ll see what I mean…



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