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Little League World Series 2021 live score, results, highlights from Ohio vs. Michigan championship

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A rematch of the Great Lakes Regional Final will decide the winner of the Little League World Series.

Ohio and Michigan fought in the LLWS brackets to reach the final leg, the Championship game. It’s a little different from previous years where an American team reached the final to face an international team, but it won’t happen this year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

But in the first Little League World Series championship game in two years, there’s still a lot of excitement to be had in the game. There is an element of rivalry between the two states (see: Buckeyes-Wolverines) and the revenge factor as Ohio looks to bounce back after losing the Great Lakes regional final 9-1.

Sporting News will provide live updates and round-by-round highlights from Ohio vs Michigan. Follow the full results of the Little League World Series Championship below.

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Little League World Series live updates, Ohio vs Michigan highlights

5:01 p.m. End of fifth: Ohio escapes the round with no more damage as Adkins comes out second.

5:01 p.m .: Furkas comes out for the second out of the frame.

5:00 p.m .: Another passed ball moved Surma to third place with still only one out.

4:57 p.m. Michigan Scorers Game: Add to that Surma’s big day on the plate. He chose the middle to score the two runners and collect his third and fourth RBI. Michigan extends its lead to 5-1.

4:57 p.m .: The passed ball moves both runners to scoring position.

4:56 p.m .: Ohio gets a huge withdrawal as Thorning appears in the infield for the first withdrawal.

4:53 p.m .: Ulin makes a single to the left to put the runners in the first and second row with no outs.

4:52 p.m .: Farner founds a batting base down the middle to give Michigan a starting base runner.

4:46 p.m. End of Top fifth: Jones engages in a 6-4-3 double play. Michigan continues to escape danger. He leads 3-1.

4:43 p.m .: Saylor chooses the middle to place the runners in the first and second row.

4:43 p.m .: Retherford hits the swing, confirm the refs during the review.

4:39 p.m .: Vogel walks to lead the round. This is the fifth time Ohio has launched the frame with a baserunner.

4:37 p.m .: Ulin is Michigan’s new pitcher.

4:33 p.m. End of the fourth: Kale Harris goes out to catcher for third in the inning.

4:33 p.m .: LaForest is called on strike three and two. Two withdrawals now.

4:29 p.m .: Van Belle swings at a high pitch and chains it between third and short for a sure hit. Runners on the first and second.

4:28 p.m .: Chauncey Adkins lines up a hit in left field to give Michigan a base runner with one on the outside.

4:27 p.m .: Furkas comes out at the shortstop.

4:22 p.m. End of the first shift: Van Belle’s 85th and final pitch is a swinging three to end the inning. His last row: four innings, five hits, one run, three walks and eight strikeouts.

4:20 p.m .: Van Belle puts Brown in search of the third strike on a broken ball. He’s got up to 80 shots, so he’s nearing the end of his afternoon.

4:19 p.m .: Clay is called to the third strike. A far away.

4:14 p.m. End of third: Surma lines up to the left to complete the frame. Ohio will be batting fourth behind Michigan 3-1.

4:12 p.m .: Thorn with a strong flyout to the right field.

4:11 p.m .: Ulin hits a sharp ground shot in the third which is stopped by a dive attempt, but he succeeds along the line for the infield single without a pitch.

4:10 p.m .: Harden Farner fans for the first out.

4:09 p.m .: Harden is the new pitcher on the mound for Ohio to start the bottom of the third.

4:04 p.m. End of the first third: Retherford, third, thought Clay’s second strike was the third and started heading for the dugout. Thorning moved up to third and Retherford was eliminated for the final of the round. Van Belle evades damage again with bases loaded.

4:03 p.m .: Moak also takes a look at the third strike on the outside. Van Belle is one of the failed goal-loaders for the second time in three innings without any damage.

4:02 p.m .: Maggard strikes while looking at the field in the corner. A far away.

4:00 p.m .: Jones walks to reload the bases for Ohio. Van Belle’s throw count is 58. He can only hit 85, and there is no one in the third.

3:58 p.m .: Gavin Saylor also takes a hack on the first pitch he sees, and he also lines it up just above the second baseman. Runners on the corners for Jones.

3:57 p.m .: Retherford helps his own cause with a first baseline to the right center.

15:53 ​​End of the second: Six-throw round for Retherford. He brings Jaxon Shufeldt to the ground in a 6-4-3 double play to end the frame.

3:53 p.m .: The hard pitch on the third and the subsequent throw on the first cannot be dug up because Max LaForest hits the first.

3:52 p.m .: Clay makes an impressive slippery grip to line up a Grounder Van Belle and catch it first.

15:47 End of Top Second: Van Belle paints the low outside corner with a fastball to take out Vogel. He limits the damage and returns his team to bat with a 3-1 lead.

3:46 p.m .: Harden is caught watching the third strike for the second out.

3:44 p.m .: Krew Brown flies to the right for the first of the second.

3:43 p.m. Ohio Scoring Game: Cooper Clay managed a 0-for-13 slip with his first hit and RBI, fielding a left-hand hit to put Ohio on the board. Michigan still leads 3-1.

3:42 p.m .: Chase Moak drops a shot to the left field line. His slide puts him in third for a triple.

3:38 p.m. End down first: Noah Boren strikes to complete the round, but the damage is done. Michigan leads 3-0.

3:37 p.m. Michigan Scoring Game: Jakob Furkas stops at the shortstop, but it’s deep enough for Surma to score from third. Michigan extends its lead to 3-0.

3:36 p.m .: The wild terrain moves Surma to the third.

3:35 p.m. Michigan Scoring Game: Surma lines up a basic shot to the left, scoring both Ulin and Thorning. Surma moved up to second place on the throw. Michigan takes a 2-0 lead.


3:34 p.m .: Thorning steals the second, but Ulin holds up on the third.

3:34 p.m .: Thorning is able to beat an infield single at second base. A wandering pitch allows Ulin to advance to third place, which puts the runners in the corners for Jackson Surma.

3:31 p.m .: Gavin Ulin walks to put a runner in the front row with an away for Cameron Thorning, who arguably was the leading hitter during the LLWS.

3.30 p.m .: Lucas Farner stops at the shortstop.

3:24 p.m. End up first: Van Belle asks Maggard to chase a high fastball to hit and block loaded bases. Michigan Bats now come knocking in the lower half of the inning.


3:23 p.m .: Maddox Jones comes out short of an infield volley. Gage Maggard arrives at the board with two exits and the bases loaded.

3:21 p.m .: Noah Davidson walks to charge the bases with one indent. Van Belle has up to 24 throws in the inning. Little League’s pitch limit always plays a role.

3:19 p.m .: Retherford flies to the center for the first outing of the round.

3.18 p.m .: JJ Vogel lines up a hit past the third baseman to put the runners on first and second with no one going out.

3:16 p.m .: Kaleb Harden walks five lengths to start the match.

3.15 p.m .: Van Belle’s first pitch is a strike, and this game is underway.

3.13 p.m .: Here are the starting eleven of the match.


3:06 p.m .: It will be Ohio’s Chance Retherford on the mound that starts against Michigan’s Ethan Van Belle.

15:00: The teams prepare to enter the field.

2:40 p.m .: A few rival baseball teams weigh on the LLWS. The game is scheduled to start in 20 minutes.


2:00 p.m .: Michigan is aiming for its second Little League World Series championship and the first since 1959, while Ohio is aiming for the state’s first-ever title. Which Midwestern team will win?

Start time of the Little League World Series today

The game between Ohio and Michigan will take place at 3 p.m., five hours after the start of the consolation game between Hawaii and South Dakota. The championship will be carried by ABC as ESPN wraps up coverage of the Little League World Series. It can also be streamed on ESPN + or fuboTV, which offers a 7-day free trial.

Karl Ravech will be in the booth to call the play-by-play with Jessica Mendoza and Kyle Peterson providing analysis. Julie Foudy will be the match reporter.

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Little League World Series Lists

Here’s a look at which players from each team will fight to be the last team to be crowned champions of the Little League World Series.


Number Player Position Bats / Jets
3 Chase Moak OF L / D
5 Gage Maggard 2B R / R
6 Cooper clay 3B / SS R / R
7 Brady Baumann C / 2B / RF R / R
8 Krew brown FC R / R
9 Levi smith SS / P R / R
ten Kaleb harden DE / P LL
12 Gavin Saylor LF / P / 3B L / D
13 Maddox Jones 1B / 3B / C R / R
15 Tyler donges P / 3B R / R
16 Noah Davidson C / P R / R
18 Chance Retherford RF / P R / R
23 JJ Vogel 1B / P R / L
24 Cooper oden P / 1B R / R

Supervisors : Ken Coomer (director), Danny Adams, Chris Craft


Number Player Position Bats / Jets
3 Gavin Ulin 2B / P R / R
6 Jaxon Shufeldt CF / P R / R
8 Chauncey Adkins RF / P R / R
9 Lucas farner SS / P R / R
13 Ethan Van Belle C / P R / R
17 Max LaForest 1B / P R / R
18 Jakob furkas CF / P L / D
22 Jackson dead 3B / P R / R
23 Cameron Thoring C / P L / D
24 Kale harris LF / P R / R
27 Noah Boren LF / P R / R

Supervisors : Rick Thorning (director), Guido Ulin





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