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Matthew Hayden rips players, Cricket Australia boss in passionate Justin Langer defence

Matthew Hayden rips players, Cricket Australia boss in passionate Justin Langer defence

Former Australian opener Matthew Hayden launched a spectacular defense from ex-teammate Justin Langer, pointing fingers at Australia’s current roster and Cricket Australia CEO Nick Hockley.

Hayden and Langer were at the forefront of Australian dynastic teams throughout the 2000s and Queenslander once again fought for his former opening partner amid growing speculation about his future as a men’s coach from Australia.

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In a 24-minute long interview on SEN The Sports CapitalHayden pleaded for the Australian camp to persist with Langer for a variety of reasons.

The 49-year-old has suggested the Australian coach has been given a rough ride due to the absence of some of his most experienced activists during the team’s recent losing tours to the West Indies and Bangladesh.

“I asked the question to our current CEO [Hockley] who is now also from the Ivory Tower, making statements on how the IPL will be a fantastic preparation for the T20 World Cup, “he said.

“He needs to be responsible for where he needs to be and where the players need to be. When they pick the World Cup squad and seven of those players are not on the current tour and we start to judge Justin Langer on the performance of the team.

“If you don’t have Seven Assets on your team, any organization collapses. I have to say that really frustrates me.”

Hayden also pointed the finger at the current crop of Aussie players, apparently suggesting that they had not adhered to a team philosophy like their predecessors.

“Leaking voices, challenges and disrespect, selection tournaments and breaking partnership rules and all that are all withdrawals from your culture,” he said.

“The only thing you have to do in a partnership is give and take, but you have to add value.

“So how do you add value by not embracing team culture or challenging team culture? See, I don’t understand that. It doesn’t take long before you do. become morally bankrupt, you have to contribute. ”

“Even this facetious discussion between senior players over the decision of Justin Langer’s future,” he added.

“What about the meeting that you’re # 3 in the cricket test, # 3 in the ODI rankings, and # 6 in the T20 rankings?”

“To waste more energy and time thinking about it than discussing a guy who is a legend of the game and who is also passionate about Australian cricket.”

Hayden dismissed all concerns about Langer’s character and integrity, once again pointing the finger at Hockley, who has expressed support for the struggling coach this week.

“I have to say that this kind of ‘loose lips, sink ships’ mentality is really, really frustrating,” he said.

“Much of the content being released on this is downright disrespectful to a guy who has played over 100 test matches, only one in 13 players have. I’ve seen him in the most extreme conditions of all. time and it is unbreakable.

“So Cricket Australia CEO listen intently to the fact that this guy has character personified and more, and he’s a man who has to leave his wife and four kids to go to work and listen to some trash being said.”

While questions were raised about Langer’s sometimes abrasive personality, Hayden urged him to double down and channel former Australian skipper Allan Border.

“I think JL, if anything, has to become less zen and lead people to accountability, not too different from opposition governments, because I think he has a fight with Jolimont Street and how it is. ‘is that they control their property, ”he said.

“If you can’t get your best team on the park, how am I going to judge you?” If I were the CEO, how am I going to judge Justin Langer if he doesn’t have his best assets? That does not make sense.

“On the contrary, I would like him to become less zen and channel Allan Border. He is only three feet tall, but no one in the world would challenge AB.

“Leave him alone, let him do his job and for goodness sake listen to what he says. If you don’t listen to him, you are going to have the same result and you are going to have to listen to someone from another that basically says the same thing until you get the message. ”

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