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Mousebot: Escape From CatLab Is A Colourful Runner Platformer At A Budget Price

Mousebot: EscapeMousebot: Escape :

Sometimes there are some pretty colorful and charming low-budget titles that appeal to surprisingly large audiences, like 3D Torea. Perhaps Mousebot: escape from CatLab can do the same, time will tell.

Developed by Vector Unit, this game has been available on mobile for quite some time as a free game with microtransactions. It is now coming to Switch and other platforms on July 21 as a premium version with all previous content (and new stuff) included. That said, it will only be $ 4.99 and regional equivalents, with an additional 20% discount at launch.

It’ll offer a decent number of stages (including over 20 new ones) and an arcade mode, and we think that looks pretty charming for an inexpensive download. The list of PR features is below.

  • 88 challenging mazes filled with traps and obstacles.
  • Hilarious cartoon destruction! Try not to get crushed, trampled, zapped, or blown to pieces.
  • Unlock new abilities! Run, jump and transform for land and water!
  • Collect epic piles of cheese!
  • Earn new skins and accessories to customize MouseBot!
  • Unlock the new super-fast and super-infamous Arcade mode.

Are you tempted to save a few dollars for this one?




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