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NBA 2K22 brings new Seasons and new discoveries to PlayStation – PlayStation.Blog

NBA 2K22 brings new Seasons and new discoveries to PlayStation – PlayStation.Blog

NBA 2K22 is about to change. We’re excited to share the progress we’ve made and the unique challenge activities available to our PlayStation fans.

In NBA 2K21, we’ve introduced Seasons, a whole new way to level up and earn rewards within MyTeam, and we’re expanding it even more in NBA 2K22. Seasons will play a big part in NBA 2K22 and the best part is that whether it’s MyCareer, MyTeam or The W Online *, you’ll be able to access new content and earn rewards just for playing at no additional cost.

Find out all there is to do in the city (on PS5) and the neighborhood (on PS4). Leveling up will earn you more rewards, which refresh every six weeks at the start of a new season. Throughout the year, the seasons will offer you new and original content.

PS5 MyTeam Challenge Activities

If the plethora of new MyTeam challenges we have planned for all gamers weren’t enough, PlayStation 5 gamers will once again have their own unique set of challenge activities to earn rewards. Introduced in NBA 2K21, Challenge Activities are available exclusively to PS5 players through the PS5 Activities feature. NBA 2K22 will update them at the start of each season, giving PS5 players new opportunities to unlock rewards by completing special objectives in set gameplay scenarios. Bring your A game, because once again players will be ranked against each other via the activity leaderboard.

To kick things off in season 1, we have “Assists against Dirk & Luka”. This Dallas Mavericks duo have established themselves as one of the best in franchise history, and it will be up to you to create the perfect MyTeam lineup to beat them on PlayStation 5 and win a Playmaker Award Pack as a reward. .

My career

Last year the seasons were exclusive to MyTeam, but not anymore! In NBA 2K22, the seasons arrive in MyCareer. In the City (on PS5) and the Neighborhood (on PS4), you’ll earn coveted rewards such as clothing, new banners for your MyPlayer, and a new grand prize each season.

Start your engines, Season 1 is ready to take players for a ride, setting off go-karts across the city and neighborhood as a grand prize. We’re excited to introduce go-karts as a fun way to navigate and venture into uncharted regions – available once you hit level 40. Additionally, inline skates can be used as a form of transportation once you’ve reached level 30.

There will be plenty to explore and see in the neighborhood, but we also want to broaden your horizons to more tropical destinations. For PS4, NBA 2K22 will set sail for the Caribbean in Season 1, where you’ll show off your skills aboard a cruise ship and some of the world’s most scenic island courts.

The Crown Jewel for NBA 2K22 players will achieve Legend status, but to do so you will need to reach level 40 in four different seasons. That doesn’t mean you have to do it consecutively, but you should strive to earn the bragging rights of an all-time great.

New Beats and Fresh Swag

Another new aspect of the seasons is First Fridays, in which new songs by emerging and world-famous artists will be added to the soundtrack every Friday of the season. New music will continue to be added to Club 2K (on PS5) throughout the year.

All year round, you will have the opportunity to refresh your wardrobe with new and fresh clothes. Each season, we’ll carry clothes from the hottest brands to keep you looking clean on and off the pitch.

The W online *

NBA 2K21 introduced The W on next-gen consoles, an all-new game mode featuring the WNBA and a MyPlayer experience. The addition of the W to NBA 2K was a proud moment and we have continued to build on it in NBA 2K22. Take on opposing MyPlayers online and earn new rewards, such as VCs, clothing bundles, badges, nail polish and more in NBA 2K22. The rewards will be updated and refreshed at the start of each new season, so keep moving up the ranks and collect them all!

NBA 2K22 Season 1 will be filled with new ways to explore the city and the neighborhood, popular songs and hits, and fresh clothes. Get ready, the experience starts on September 10th.

* W mode and related content are available on PlayStation 5 only.




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