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NBA 2K22 gameplay deep dive – PlayStation.Blog

NBA 2K22 gameplay deep dive – PlayStation.Blog

Hello PlayStation Nation! It’s this time of year that we can unbox all of the exciting gameplay enhancements and new features to come with NBA 2K22!

NBA 2K22 gameplay deep dive – PlayStation.Blog

We had an ambitious list of features we wanted to tackle this year: faster gameplay, tighter, more responsive movements, a more skill-based attack, and some big player builder changes. We’ve gone to great lengths to make sure we deliver the same quality gameplay upgrades on PS5 and PS4, so whichever version you’re using this year, you’re going to have a whole new experience.


The main goal of defense was to give players the tools they needed to be able to really change the outcome of the game on the floor and on the edge. If you were a great perimeter defender who anticipated well, we wanted you to be able to squeeze the dribbler and force a pass. If you were a rim protector, we wanted to give you the ability to repel weak shot attempts at will.

The shooting competition and blocking systems were completely rebuilt, leading to several new torn blocks and volleyball spikes that have never happened before. The rewrite of the shooting competition did away with the “ghost contests” that many were complaining about, and this year being out of position or not getting your hands on the shooter’s face will lead to easy buckets for the offense. On the other hand, well overcrowding shooters with good contest will result in a lot of bricks and air balloons, as it should be.





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