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New Dragon Age 4 Concept Art Puts The Antivan Crows Front And Center

New Dragon Age 4 Concept Art Puts The Antivan Crows Front And Center

In light of the announcement that there will be nothing from Dragon Age 4 or the new Mass Effect at this year’s EA Play, executive producer Christian Dailey has decided to share a little treat to help fans of tide. While not a trailer, Dragon Age 4’s concept art puts the crows back in the spotlight.

Ravens are from the beautiful motherland of Antiva (I hope you read this in Zevran’s voice, otherwise – I’m disappointed and just wanted you to know). We first discovered them in Dragon Age Origins with our adorable assassin turned companion Zevran Arainai. Zevran was a Raven before he failed to remove his mark: the Guardian, us. He can eventually become a close friend, even a lover, and a staple that reappeared in Dragon Age II with a small side quest, and then again in Inquisition as a War Table mission. The previous concept art shown has many, including myself, convinced that it will be back once again, and not in text form, in Dragon Age 4, but before we get into this, take a look at the latest concept art shared below:

The tweet above reads: “Hello friends, sorry for the lack of news from EA Play this year, but please know that the team is headlong with a lot of momentum and progressing. We are excited to share more when the time is right. ” Nice move to include concept art, except now my conspiracy theory brain is going to be crazy all weekend long. I’ve already explained how I’m almost sure we’re getting a Mortalitasi companion from Navarre and how I think Solas is responsible for Red Lyrium, now I can already tell my mind is getting ready to do everything to refresh itself Knowledge of the Raven. It could be a worse way to spend a weekend. But what about that nod from Zevran I mentioned? Let’s dive in, will you?

First, let’s look at concept art for Zevran, the official art straight from BioWare. Notice the hood, leggings and pattern of the draped cape? His rapier? Well, keep that in mind:

Art by Matt Rhodes, who worked on the Dragon Age games

Ignoring how badass he looks, let’s compare that to the image below, which is the official concept art that was part of the Dragon Age 4 reveal at the Game Awards:

tumblr f40d07fcad5f9b1a8592383c5643494b 4360372a 640 New Dragon Age 4 Concept Art Puts The Antivan Crows Front And Center


A crow can be seen sneaking up on an unsuspecting contact

You can’t deny that the equipment is the same, so it’s obviously a crow, but is it our Raven? That remains to be seen, especially since we only get a bare clue of their breasts and skin tone. No familiar facial features or tattoos can be seen, but it does appear to be a male figure of a light-hearted nature. A bit like an elf, maybe? Obviously, this is all just a guess at this point, but I know this is a pretty common consensus within the Dragon Age community. Maybe if we hope hard enough, we will see him again.

If you look at my previous analysis of Mortalitasi and its role with Dragon Age 4, the possibility of Zevran’s return is actually much higher than many think, especially since it looks like we may have this companion Mortalitasi. aforementioned. Given that this high-ranking, necromancy-focused group of mages are the Nevarran elite and have deep roots with Antiva and Tevinter, it seems Solas’s betrayal is the least of our concerns.

I think it’s great that BioWare is so transparent in its communications. While Dragon Age 4 and the upcoming Mass Effect have been revealed with trailers, both projects are still too early in their development to have anything substantial to share. Letting fans know that the two are in the works is great, but making sure that from then on it’s tempered with managed expectations and honesty is key. This is exactly what this team does, especially ahead of big events adjacent to E3 like EA Play.

Any thoughts on Dragon Age 4’s latest concept art? How does this aluminum foil hat fit on me? Do you think it’s Zevran or should I go grab some Zzzzz? Sound off in the comments section below, our manager would like you to.




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