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New Shiny Things Are Coming Soon to Unturned


  • The enhanced Xbox Series X | S version of Not returned arrives later this year.
  • Learn more about the first new console map, Elver.
  • Check out some of our long-term plans for Not returned on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

When we launched Not returned last november, we weren’t exactly sure how the players would react. After almost 10 months, I think we can now say it’s a success! Yes, there have been few bumps in the road, but overall player feedback has exceeded our expectations and has given us a solid foundation on which to build a strategy for the future on Xbox.

We have worked extremely hard to create a more solid backend for the game that will allow us to support quality content and features in the months to come. In the future, we are convinced that the fixes will be more frequent and richer. When you read this or very soon after, we’ll be releasing a new patch for Xbox One that will contain a lot of optimizations, and after that it will be time for the first additional card on console, the beloved Elver!

Not returned

The Elver Map is going to be the first DLC content for Not returned on Xbox One and will arrive shortly in September. Any server installed in Elver will be accessible to all players (using a password for private servers), you will need to purchase the map only if you want to play locally (single player or split screen) or if you want to create your own server installed on Elver. But anyone can join a friend on a server that already exists on Elver.

After Elver, the next big thing is happening for Not returned will be the release of the enhanced Xbox Series X | S version. We are targeting the end of the year for the release, which will be supported via Smart Delivery for all owners of Not returned Xbox One. The release of the Xbox Series X | S is a way for us to show you that we are committed to continuing to support the game through Gen 9, and next year there will be plenty of surprises for all survivors. ! Xbox Series X | S enhanced version of Unturned will harness the power of next-gen consoles to run Not returned with 4k resolution support with 60fps gameplay.

Not returned

We want to say thank you to all fans of the game. Make sure 505 Games has big plans for the exciting future of Not returned on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

Not returned

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Not returned

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UNTURNED is an open world survival sandbox where you take on the role of a survivor in the zombie infested ruins of modern society and must work with your friends and forge alliances to stay among the living. Find weapons and supplies to survive against zombies and earn experience points which can be used for upgrades as you progress through the game. You can collect clothes, weapons, food and supplies, everything avoiding zombies and other players. You can also gather and craft resources (wood, metal, etc.) to create a fortress, defenses, etc. Explore the maps and find what you are looking for: each resource will be useful in keeping you alive and creating the necessary equipment to defend yourself and fight against zombies and other players. There is a wide variety of items, weapons and vehicles available (planes, cars, tanks…): find out what might suit your play strategies! As you progress through the game, eliminating zombies helps gain experience points, useful for upgrades and increase your skills in three categories: Attack, Defense, and Support. Survive online and fight with up to 24 friends using dedicated servers or share the adventure at home in split-screen multiplayer! Stay INDEPENDENT! • Massive Maps – explore up to 8 sandbox maps while traveling by land, air and sea • Crafting – create your equipment and structures from the supplies you collect • Power Up – improve your skills in three categories: Attack, Defense, Support • Customize – avatars can be fully customized cosmetically • Multiplayer – brave zombies and other enemies alone or team up with friends • Compete or ally – try to form alliances with other players or eliminate all competetion



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