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NWO at 25 gives us cause to remember other great heel trios of sports


You were against them, weren't you?


You were against them, weren’t you?
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Twenty-five years ago today, the New World Order was formed at WCW’s Bash at the Beach.

It’s honestly an almost indisputable top five moment in professional wrestling history, and one that sparked a chain of events leading up to WCW’s climax against the WWE (then WWF) Monday Night Wars of the end. 1990s. Then, of course, the gap widened in favor of WWE, as Vince McMahon then bought WCW in 2001 just before that. WrestleMania X-Seven.

But Hulk Hogan, after being the centerpiece of the art form in the rock’n’-wrestling boom of the 1980s, and even a main event with WWE in the 1990s, left the company in 1993. , later joining WCW in 1994. He had was still an older version of the same guy that people started to tire of during his first two years with his new business, which led to the decision to make him turning heel at the 1996 Bash, where he was revealed to be the third mystery man joining newcomers Scott Hall and Kevin Nash, creating one of the infamous trios we’ve seen in sports and / or entertainment.

If you were a traditionalist this might have annoyed you, as Hogan was never meant to be a villain – let alone the Bad boy. (Well, with the exception of Hall, of course.) But, the nWo have notably become one of the most outdated factions in wrestling history, and to this day you will occasionally see the t-shirt. nWo worn by someone at an airport, mall, basketball game, and probably even porn if you watch.

Their infamy became influential as it became cool to like bad guys, a sensibility that still resonates with wrestling fans today. It has spread to other sports as well, which brings us to other divisional and successful trios that we have seen in track and field since the formation of the nWo on July 7, 1996.

(Plus, it’s not a ranking, so go argue with someone else if you’re picky about the order!)




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