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Our Inspirations Behind Black Panther’s Outfits in the War for Wakanda Expansion – PlayStation.Blog

Our Inspirations Behind Black Panther’s Outfits in the War for Wakanda Expansion – PlayStation.Blog

Black Panther has been an iconic character in the Marvel Universe for over 50 years now, making his comic book debut in 1966. With so much history in a single character, our team could have taken countless paths to create the Marvel’s Avengers version. from Black Panther and its diverse collection of outfits. We would like to take a moment to discuss the creation of T’Challa’s look and our thought process.

Iconic outfit – Let’s start with an original Crystal Dynamics design and the outfit you’ll start with in the expansion. When creating this outfit, we combined the classic Black Panther visuals and silhouette with the full hood and armbands with the more modern and functional aspects of her look that many fans have grown accustomed to over the years. We used these two aspects of Black Panther’s story and subjected it to what we call the “Crystal Lens” in order to create a costume that could be made more realistically with materials and construction methods. , but also always in the fantastic where it is a unique creation just for T’Challa.

We’ve taken the classic armbands on his forearms and made them into armbands that Black Panther can use to defend himself. We also wanted to include the crest in the center of his chest to indicate that iconic feeling that he is the Black Panther and to give him a visual property of this coat. As for the helmet, we were inspired to create a silhouette that was reminiscent of his first look in the comics, but on closer inspection there is more structure; the eyes are not empty, they have a lens which means he is looking at his own HUD to again mix the classic with the modern.

We’ve also included some fine details in the outfit to make it more advanced and edgy by interweaving Vibranium to reflect its ability to absorb energy. Our team built the mesh for the Iconic Outfit from scratch and used our material system to push the way the lighting reflects off the multiple surfaces of the outfit, be it the fiber of the outfit. carbon, hard plastic or original woven material. Players can zoom in on the iconic outfit up close and see how much detail we put into the suit thanks to our material system.

A version of this iconic outfit that will be released is inspired by Black Panther’s secret guard, Hatut Zeraze, who eventually became loyal mercenaries to Wakanda.

When our team was thinking about what other outfits to include in the War for Wakanda expansion, we wanted to offer a variety of diverse points from Black Panther comic book history for over 50 years. We also wanted to make sure that each of them had a signature look that could be instantly recognizable from a distance, whether on a screen or in-game, so we went with some bold choices that stood out.

Most Dangerous Man Outfit – From the comics, this black-style outfit was in the foreground when Kasper Cole, who first appeared in Black Panther # 50 (2002), briefly donned the Black Panther coat in New York City. Kasper thought that wearing the outfit would give him an edge, especially with the coat on top.

Damisa-Sarki outfit – With “Introducing the sensational Black Panther! On the cover of the comic book that showed how Black Panther was first imagined by Jack Kirby, our team knew we had to do a reinterpretation. Meaning “The Panther” in Wakandan, the Damisa-Sarki outfit shows Black Panther in a short cape and the same attention to detail when it comes to the materials of the outfit. Black Panther has worn a cape in several of her looks throughout comic book history, which is reflected in this outfit.

Royal heritage outfit – This is an outfit from the iconic Black Panther comic book series. We wanted to include an outfit that paid homage to the ancient Wakandan culture. We worked with Marvel to ensure that all of T’Challa’s outfits were neat.

That’s all for the moment! We hope you enjoyed reading our process of creating Black Panther’s many outfits and how inspired we were by its vast history. Our team put a lot of heart and soul into making Black Panther and Wakanda a visual identity that is immediately recognizable to Black Panther fans, but also one to which we could add a touch of Crystal Dynamics. We are always creating new outfits for Marvel’s Avengers and will continue to create more for Black Panther. Keep an eye out for them!




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