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Random: This Penny Has Diddy Kong Engraved On Abe Lincoln’s Shoulder

Well, here’s a story to fill your quota of Random Nintendo Ephemera for the day: Someone micro-etched Diddy Kong on a 1 cent coin. You know, like you.

As shown @VolksDK on Twitter, a friend (later identified in the Twitter thread) used a process known as ‘ion grinding’ which apparently removes layers of atoms and allows you to etch incredibly tiny things onto objects of your choosing – things that look like a simple dot in the eye naked.

While doing important lab work or engraving your belongings with identifying marks could be what some people would choose to do with one of these wonderful machines, it seems that @ allypaca13 instead wanted to pay homage to their favorite Kong. We’re guessing that’s the case, because why would someone pick a bad Kong for this sort of thing when Diddy is obviously the better candidate, isn’t he? Right?

Take a look at the following photos as we zoom into old Honest Abe’s right shoulder to find the Diddiest of Kongs …




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