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Reach your full psionic potential with these Scarlet Nexus gameplay tips, out now – PlayStation.Blog

Cadets, prepare to deploy! Scarlet Nexus is available today, June 25 on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. We are delighted to share the experience of the Scarlet Nexus universe and the stories of our two protagonists, Yuito Kisaragi and Kasane Randall. As the newest OSF cadets, you will lead a small team of gifted allies as you take on the Others: monstrous life forms that threaten the people.

In addition to showcasing the game’s anime-inspired visuals in native 4K at 60 FPS, Scarlet Nexus uses the PS5’s DualSense controller to add a more realistic physical dimension to your gameplay. You will feel each of Yuito and Kasane’s psychokinetic actions amplified by the enhanced haptic sensations of the DualSense controller. The movement of each psychokinetically manipulated object is amplified by haptic vibrations, and lifting of objects responds with dynamic tension in adaptive triggers to simulate the feeling of weight and resistance in real life.

As we want to share with you the most optimal Scarlet Nexus experience, Scarlet Nexus owners on PS4 will receive a free upgrade to the digital version PS5.

To help you on your journey on Scarlet Nexus, we’ve created this brief guide of tips and tricks. From there, learn about the Struggle Arms System (SAS), connections to allies, others, and more. Hope these tips help you on your journey with Yuito and Kasane.

The Combat Weapons System (SAS)

  • Unite with your fellow allies: By combining your powers with allies through the SAS, you can defeat stronger enemies, knock out their weaknesses, or dodge certain attacks. You have limited time to borrow their power, so use it wisely. Don’t worry too much as it will recharge over time.
  • Find secrets: You will find bright objects such as walls, doors or appliances that catch your eye. If you use the correct SAS, something can happen.

Connect with allies

  • Better friendship, stronger support: As the bond level with your ally increases, allies will more proactively engage in supportive actions such as healing and reviving. Binding levels increase as you bond with your allies deeper through actions such as progressing through Binding episodes, offering gifts, and fighting with each other. It also improves the SAS effects provided by your allies.
  • Choose the perfect gift: You can offer gifts to allies in the hideout, which are mainly obtained from the shop exchange. The bonds will grow stronger if you give them something they like. The gifts you give will also be displayed in the hideout, so your allies’ areas will become more festive.

Battle gameplay

  • Psychokinesis follow-up attack: Perform a Psychokinesis Attack by connecting to a Weapon Attack for a Psychokinesis Tracking Attack. The bigger the material, the stronger the psychokinesis attack. The others may be offset by the psychokinesis attack depending on the size of the object, but it will cost more.
  • Attack and defense: Good defense goes a long way. Avoiding attacks from enemies will give you time to recharge your psychokinesis and use items. If you dodge right before the attack, you can perform a perfect dodge where time slows down and you can quickly counterattack.

Fight others

  • Find the weakness of the other: Check the bios of The Others in the library if you are having trouble with them. The library will give you tips on how to use their attack patterns to help you avoid big attacks that you might not be familiar with.
  • Deal with condition issues: Enemies can inflict various status effects on Kasane and Yuito. To counter, try equipping plug-in gear that can offer resistance against various state ailments. Status ailments include Burning, Shocked, Oiled, Soaked, and Confused.

Environmental awareness

  • Traces of others: Unique patterns sometimes appear in areas where others live. They appear on walls and floors in many forms. You will find them everywhere if you look for them.
  • Strange movement of an object: When you revisit a location, you may notice that some objects can be placed in a different position. The Others have been observed to collect and move items. Revisiting some places can lead to new rewards

Want to put these tips to the test? You can play the Scarlet Nexus demo for free on PlayStation Store. Play both Yuito and Kasane Paths and save your data to get additional DLC rewards from the demo to score cosmetic items and plugins to increase your attack and defense.

Choose the Deluxe Edition to get the Brain Punk Bundle, additional costumes and outfits, and three additional SAS plug-in variations to further enhance your experience gaining abilities as well as combat. We hope you enjoy the world of Scarlet Nexus and look forward to seeing you join the Other Suppression Force today.



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