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SDCC 2021: Adventure Time’s Wizard City special to explore Dark One’s past

SDCC 2021: Adventure Time’s Wizard City special to explore Dark One’s past

Fueled by inspiration from the Dungeons & Dragons Roleplay, Adventure time thrived on fantasy weirdness for 10 seasons. Set in the post-apocalyptic magical land of Ooo with a population of candy, wizards, a last-of-a-kind human boy and his stretchy dog ​​pal, and other eccentric entities, the Emmy-winning Cartoon Network for kids was known for its shenanigans, psychedelic realms, and an opportunity to delve into dark existentialism.

After concluding in 2018, the creators of Adventure time embarked on a sequel consisting of four 45-minute specials. The first was the cute BMO centric installment BMO. The second was Obsidian, who plunged into love but still loaded with happiness between Bubblegum and Marceline. The third installment, Together again, followed Finn and Jake to the afterlife and discovered that the power of friendship transcends life and death.

During the show’s San Diego Comic-Con 2021 panel on Friday, moderator Bex Taylor-Klaus discussed the tearful third Distant land special Together again and teased the fourth and final upcoming installment: City of wizards, which traces the story of Peppermint Butler, Princess Bubblegum’s candy assistant. The panelists were executive producer Adam Muto and voice actors John DiMaggio, Mace Montgomery Miskel and Toks Olagundoye.

“When we left Peppermint Butler it was kind of rebooting,” Muto said. What would be his story that would be very different from that of Finn and Jake? It was an opportunity to explore the tradition of [Wizard City]. ” City of wizards will explore the enrollment of young Peppermint Butler at a wizarding school in Wizard City, a location introduced in Season 4.

An adult Peppermint Butler was last seen helping Finn and Jake’s spirits to Together again, and he was still a malicious practitioner of the dark arts (he stole Finn’s bones but at least asked permission to use them for a spell). Fans have also learned that Peppermint Butler has taken on the role of Princess of the Candy Kingdom, succeeding Princess Bubblegum.

the Adventure time specials have a way of trolling with the structure and expectations of the timeline. Not that Peppermint Butler isn’t a beloved character, but it might seem a bit dubious that the final installment of Distant lands focuses on the past of the least important and least important supporting character, compared to the other stars of the miniseries, BMO, Marceline and Princess Bubblegum.

No matter if Adventure time will deploy all bombs with City of wizardsPeppermint Butler’s turbulent past is ripe for exploration and comedic possibilities. All along Adventure time, a common gag is made of the qualities that gave him a reputation as a “Dark One”, which included knowledge of Death.

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Miskel, who was 11 when he auditioned for City of wizards, takes the place of Steve Little to express the young Pep. Olagundoye will play Dr. Caledonius and Taylor-Klaus will play Blaine. “I find it really wacky and wonderful like there is this energy that I find really effervescent,” Olagundoye said.

At the thought of going back to the Finn and Jake story, Muto replied, “It’s just if someone finds a different take on a franchise with characters who feel like there’s no never ending, necessarily, which is encouraging and a little scary. ” He continues, “But I want to be careful not to step on the previous episode. There isn’t a desire to do something just do it but find a different form. That’s what those were. specials.

The panel did not debut a clip but did show a City of wizards Joy Ang key art featuring a young Pep in uniform summoning a rune with two companions.

City of wizards is slated to air on HBO Max later this year. The previous three Distant lands promotions are currently on the platform.





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