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South Park creators get $900M to make 6 more seasons, 14 movies

South Park creators get $900M to make 6 more seasons, 14 movies

South Park Creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone have signed a massive new deal with ViacomCBS that will keep the show on air for the foreseeable future and see several new films produced exclusively for Paramount Plus, Bloomberg reports.

Parker and Stone’s new contract, worth $ 900 million and running through 2027, will include six additional seasons of South Park which will continue to air on Comedy Central. The agreement does not, however, include the streaming rights for South Park series. Viacom licensed the broadcast rights to the show to WarnerMedia in 2019, as part of a multi-year agreement for HBO Max that remains in effect. But with this massive commitment to the South Park brand, it’s likely that ViacomCBS will try to reclaim the rights and eventually bring the series catalog back to Paramount Plus.

One thing the deal includes for Paramount Plus is a bunch of new South Park movies. Parker and Stone will create 14 live streaming movies as part of the deal, including one slated for release later this year. Rather than being centered around the main cast of the series, these films will take place in the world of South Park and sometimes focus on new characters and stories.

This movie collection isn’t the only thing Parker and Stone have in the works, either. Their company Park Country is also working on a new South Park video game. There have been two recent South Park role-playing games released by Ubisoft, but it’s not yet clear whether this new game is part of the same series or something completely new.

On top of all that, Stone and Parker are working on a few things unrelated to South Park – perhaps most notably, a new musical, which would be their first since their Broadway debut, Book of Mormon.

South ParkThe second film in the story is set to debut later this year, but details of the show’s upcoming 24th season have yet to be announced.

Paramount Plus

Price taken at time of publication.

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